NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #3

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK: If you could design a flag for your school or classroom, what symbols would you put on it and why?

Noah, Greentown Intermediate: “My class loves to watch NewsDepth on Fridays. I loved the story about how they were tracking data about hurricane Joaquin this year. It was very interesting. I loved your show.”

Mrs. Stanczak’s Class, Olmsted Falls Intermediate School: “The Egyptian story was pretty cool!  The painted figures were amazing because they hold hidden secrets from the past.  We hope that someday the tomb of Queen Nefertiti is found.  We also hope that the discovery happens sooner rather than later!”

Patrick, Troy Intermediate School: “Just wanted to say that this week’s NewsDepth was pretty cool… NewsDepth is awesome. Can't wait to see what current events you guys have in store in us for on next week’s show. #Newscat rocks 

Ava, Troy Intermediate School: “NewsDepth is so cool. I love learning new things with you guys. I think that you should spotlight your own career because you're so cool! Keep Being AWESOME!”

 Broderick, Maryland Elementary: “I think that New Zealand should change its flag. I think it is cool that the people there get to draw and design their country’s flag. If I could make a flag for our school it would have seventeen stars (representing Ohio) around a duck, and the title of our school in bold yellow letters at the top, go Maryland Mallards!”

Claire, Maryland Elementary: “I love the Stonehenge. In fact I did a project about it. I am amazed about how the mystery deepens with the finding of this new evidence. It must have been great to find this evidence of the forty stoned structure and that it’s about 2 and a half miles away from Stonehenge. What I’m surprised about is that it was buried underground. Why would someone try to hide it? I wonder why.”

Shore, Maryland Elementary: “I really thought that the segment on New Zealand’s new flag designs was so neat! I tried all night to make a new flag for the cool country, but my design had a kiwi on it!!!!! I also made a flag for our school it had a MARYLAND bolded in the middle and kids holding hands circling it. I had other stuff but it has too much detail to tell you guys!”

Austin, Chagrin Falls Intermediate: “I LOVE your show. I think it's very educational from new topics to new sections of the show. Also I have found my dream job because of you. The first episode you had a Biomedical Engineer, and that's what I want to be when I grow up. Thank you very much for having a nice fun educational show.”

Charlie, Chagrin Falls Intermediate: “I liked the story about New Zealand wanting to change their flag, because they want to become more independent. I really like that New Zealand is wanting to become more independent because it's always good to be a little different from the crowd!”

Trey, Chagrin Falls Intermediate: “If I could design a flag for my school, I would put 3 stars for the 3 grades that are taught in my school and a tiger because our mascot is a tiger. I would make the flag our school colors.”

Ian, Ralph E. Waite Elementary: Flag idea – “because I love to run marathons”

Matthew, Elmhurst Elementary: “Hold the rain please! I could not believe how much rain was dumped in South Carolina. I'm sure glad I don't live there! I really feel for the families who had losses and cannot go home. We just read about this disaster in class right before your coverage. NewsDepth is really current...way to go! I hope things get better soon for everyone affected.

Kris, Gates Mills School: “I love the story on Hurricane Joaquin and the pictures on it. I also like it because it has to do with weathering. We are learning about weathering. Thank you for giving us these stories and for your time. If it wasn't for NewsDepth we wouldn't see a lot of what is happening in our world.”

Lauren, Pleasant Run Elementary: If I would have a flag for the school it would have a knight on it in the middle and 1 star in each corner. Also there would be a fourth grade teacher and fifth grade teachers and students in the background.

Jenna, Claggett Middle School: “I was really fascinated by the hurricane hunters story. It was interesting how they shot those data collectors into the storm to find out the hurricanes wind speed and the storm pressure. I also thought the inside of the plane was cool. It's amazing how many people they can fit into one plane. I admire the bravery these US Air force Men and Women that have to fly into hurricane Joaquin, a category four hurricane! I know I could never do that!”

Sophia, Northfield Elementary: “If I could design a flag for my school or classroom, my design would have blue strips and a bald eagle symbol on it. I would do that because it is like the great symbol of our nation.”

Brayden: “I think NewsDepth is a great show. I like all the stories you put on your show. Now I can learn more things about to world. I also watch it on Friday and it wraps up my school day. I love NewsDepth.”

Layla: “If I could design a flag for my school I would use Pirate symbols on the front because we are the Perkins Pirates and stars on the back because we are all stars! Go Pirates!” 

Elizabeth, Riverside School: “I like the story about the archaeological dig in the ground that found a old house. It was made out of yellow clay from the ground. It is about 20 minutes from Riverside school. That is amazing. I would like to go to the site where they were digging. Maybe I would find gold!”

Demetriona, Riverside School: “I felt sad about the hurricane in South Carolina. I didn't like seeing the people's cars in the water. I wouldn't want my family's car stuck in the water.”

Kylie, Dodge Intermediate: “I think air pollution is bad, because it can affect our lungs if we breathe it. It also could be bad for the animals or any nature. Air pollution is horrible. I hope that someday we can stop it.”

Celina, Dodge Intermediate: “I have sometimes wondered what a storm looked like. The people that go inside must be brave. The plan is huge. Bigger than my apartment. There is a move called Into the Storm. I loved it. You know what, I love your show. It’s ultra awesome. I can’t wait until your next show.”

Cole, Holly Lane: “You are helpful to kids to learn about what’s going on in our world. That’s why you encouraged me to write this note and I like that you are not just talking about financial stuff. You are also talking about people’s lives and sports activities. I’m glad you do NewsDepth, because it’s very helpful to kids around the world.”

Isabella, Rushwood Elementary: “I love watching your videos, because they are better than watching regular news. First, if I could design a flag, I would design it for my classroom. Also the symbols I would use are two stick people and a triangle. The reason why I would do that is because the two kids would mean friendship and the triangle will mean work together. That’s why I picked that.”

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