NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #29

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:   Pretend you have to go live in isolation on Mars. What one thing would you want to take with you to make your stay more enjoyable?

Brody, Maryland Elementary:  I am writing to you to answer the question: “Would you spend time isolated with 5 people in a small place for 8 months?”  I answered your question and said yes.  I thought it would be a good experience to spend time there because it could improve the following: problem solving skills, time management, and resourcefulness.  Although I did pay attention to the fact that people could suffer: manipulation from other crewmates, depression, and anxiety.  I also included the fact that 28.8 percent of the U.S population has suffered from a lifetime prevalence of anxiety according to the National Institute of Mental Health. Thanks NewsDepth, for informing us of this topic and question.

Taylor, Brook Intermediate:  The item that I would bring with me up to Mars is my big blue teddy bear, because it would be lonely and I would want some company.  I know there would be other people but they might get annoying.

Simran, Lee Eaton Elementary:  I really like the story about the experiment of how people's reactions to staying on Mars would turn out to be.  Also if I had to bring one thing on Mars it would be my family so that we could all enjoy a relaxing vacation on another planet.  I wish that in the future NASA can invent a machine that can let us go to Mars to explore it.

Claire, Bexley School District:  For the survey I chose yes and the one thing that I would take would sound proof wall covers so no one could hear me in the bubble.  The reason why is that I could have some more privacy because I would get very anxious if I had none.  If I couldn't take that I would take all my music because I would block out all the sounds around me so I could go to my own happy place to stop my anxiety and stress from the other people, especially if I didn't like them or agree with them much.

Oliver, Wilson Elementary:  If I had to pick one item to make living in a small space more enjoyable, I would probably pick a computer.  Not only it can be resourceful, I could still play games, watch videos, and much more stuff.  Hopefully there would be internet connection

Lola, Preston Elementary:  If I could bring only one thing to mars it would be board game so I would not get too bored in space.  I am very sad that news depth is going to end because it always something to look forward to on Friday. 

Nicholas, Rock Creek Elementary:  I am fine with being with 5 people for 8 months.  I have been doing it for my life with 3 people.  For the question, I would bring a big fantasy book because I love to read.

Kat, Chagrin Falls Intermediate:  If I had to pick one thing to bring with me I would pick my cat Tigger. She is very verbal and loves to play with my brothers and I.  I think whoever was with me would love her.  She can answer yes or no questions, and a high meow means yes and a low meow means no.

Elliot, Norton Primary:  If I was able to take one thing with to Mars I would take my dog Rudy.  I would take him because he is my best friend.  Also he would keep me from getting home sick.  It might be hard to travel but I would work through it.  I would even make him a big dog spacesuit.

Vanessa, Stranahan Elementary:  I can’t believe 5 people were trapped there for 6 moths practicing to go to Mars.  If I could only bring one thing it would be my photo album from when I was little with my family so I would remember them on the trip.  I also voted no on the survey this week because I think I would need a little more space if I was going on a trip to practice going to Mars.

Maria, Laurel School:  My favorite thing I learned about on this week’s NewsDepth was the space experiment on a volcano.  I thought it was very resilient of those six people to live with each other for over a year.  Even after the experiment they still wanted to go to Mars.  Even though I admire them, I would not want to live with people in an isolated place for over a year.

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