NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #27

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:   Should the U.S. women's national soccer team receive the same amount of money as the men's national team?

Cassidy, Mulberry Elementary:  I voted for women should get more money than men especially after the women won.  I think women should be paid more because they have been paid more for a long time. They even got paid more when they placed 11th and the girls won.  If the boys won and the girls placed 11th, I would understand why the men would get paid more.  I believe that whoever is higher up in the scoring should get more money.  Even everyone having the same amount is better than one team being paid more.

Anna, Gilles-Sweet Elementary:  I voted that the Girls Soccer Team should earn more money than the Boys Soccer Team.  I think it is unfair that the boys get paid more than the girls especially since the Girls’ soccer team won the World Cup and they do their job better than the Boys Soccer Team.

Megan and Riley, Westminster Schools:  When we saw this NewsDepth what sparked our eyes was that women soccer players were getting paid less than men.  We voted that men and women should be paid equally because if you think about it men could say the same about women.  We both play soccer and hope that when we grow up we will get paid the same as men.

Lexi, VanGorden Elementary:  In the survey I voted for equal to men's payment because people are always taking women for granted.  Sometimes they won't let girls play the sport at all.  Women can be just as good as men in my opinion.  I play soccer and I know I wouldn't want to be payed a penny less than men.

Andrew, Rocky River Middle School:  I voted for male and female soccer players to get paid equal, because it is unfair that the male players are getting payed more because they are the same teams just different genders. I know a lot of people that play soccer and some girls are better than the boys.

Lily, St. Susanna:  I think that women's soccer teams should be paid the same amount of money as the men's teams.  I just did a report on gender equality in sports, so I think it’s really cool to see what Ohioans think about the topic.  Our world is really based on a lot of men's sports and it’s awesome that women's sports are starting to take a stand.

Sarah, Kensington Intermediate:  I think it is great that the U.S Women's Team's players are fighting back against wage discrimination.  It is not fair that the women are being paid nowhere near the amount the men players are, because the women have been playing much better than the men lately.

Silvana and Lyla, Chagrin Falls, Intermediate:  We voted that the women's soccer team should get paid more than the men's soccer team.  We think it is very unfair that the women soccer players don't get paid as much as men’s soccer players.  We think this is unfair because if they do the same thing why do they get paid differently?  We also think it’s unfair because the USA women's soccer team won the women's soccer cup many times and I think it would be good for the men's soccer team to know how it feels to be paid less.  However I play soccer and I love to play, if I were on the USA team I wouldn't care what I get paid.

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