NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #26

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:   In our survey, we asked you to choose which team building activity you participate in. After voting, write in -- and let us know how this activity helps you work better with others.

Greg, Kensington Intermediate:  These team building activities are very important. They allow you to be more comfortable working with other people and making friends. It doesn't really matter what it is, whether it be sports, music or clubs. Personally, I think sports would be the best since you on a team trying to win.

Emmy, Meadowlawn Elementary:  I voted for sports, because I do cheerleading.  I know some people don't count cheerleading as a sport, but I count it.  Cheerleading helps me learn how to work together.  If we have teams at recess, and if someone tries to say no to an idea, I'll jump in and say let's try to get everybody's ideas.  Then if that doesn't work, I'll get out of the activity because people aren't being kind.

AJ, Westwood Elementary:  I voted sports in the poll because I play many sports myself.  I play soccer and basketball.  It helps me improve my communication skills and teamwork.  I like to play these games because I am very good at them and I have a lot of friends that play as well.

Broderick, Maryland Elementary:  I voted sports for the survey because I feel that I have bonded with my teammates and friends in a way we can communicate on and off the field.  I share a lot of experiences with my friends on the field.

Jessica, Chagrin Falls Intermediate:  I voted sports, music, and clubs because I dance and do gymnastics for a sport, I do piano lessons for music, and I do student council and I am a J.R in girl scouts.

Athan, Orchard Hill Intermediate:  In this week's survey, I chose sports. This is mostly because I used to play T-ball and football.  But, the only one that really appealed to me was football.  In my opinion, I am not the running kind of type!

Joseph, Buckeye Elementary:  I voted sports on this week’s survey because I think people should get fit by playing sports.  It is a good activity for all kids and adults and it is fun.  You can make up your own games.  Me and my dad always go outside and play even if it is raining.

Phoebe, Suffield Elementary:  The activities I am involved in are chess club, soccer, swimming and canoeing. These activities help me learn with other people by helping them. They help me and then we grow a friendship and I become more social.

Caleb & Christian, Field Local Schools:  The both of us participate in after school activities.  We both play Football, Basketball, and Baseball.  This teaches us that we need to be a team, and not act like you are the whole team.  This is because we can't do everything by ourselves. We are only a fraction of the team.

Chase, The Westminster Schools:  I voted for Clubs and Sports because I play Baseball and I am in Robotics.  I live in Georgia and we watch it at school because our teacher used to watch it in Ohio, and we don't have on here. I really liked the baseball segment in Know Ohio.  Hi Chase!  It’s great to hear your class is watching in Georgia!  Go Wildcats!

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