NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #24

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:   In our survey this week, we asked you to voice your opinion on wild animals in captivity.  After you vote, write to us and let us know where you stand.

Hudson, Evening Street Elementary:  I voted yes on this week’s survey, because I think that even though wild animals are from the wild it might be a good idea for some to be taken out from the wild.  Say a little baby turtle or something got hurt on its way out to the ocean.  People like Sea World or other organizations or zoos could take that animal and others like it and help.  I also think that as long as the animals are treated nicely they are fine just like us.  We are animals too and we might not like to be moved from our territory or habitat but if it is what's best for us then should we really argue about it?

Anna, Rocky River Middle School:  In the poll, should animals found in the wild be kept captive, I voted that they should be kept in the wild because these animals deserve their own habitat.  These animals are not pets and will become reliant on their owner. 

Allison, Mia, & Megan, New Bremen Schools:  We voted that animals should not be held captive if they were from the wild.  We think this because animals need to be able to hunt and do other things.

Celeena, Columbus Gifted Academy:  Animals should not be kept in captivity.  They need to be free for needed room so they can live a longer life and they will not need to be endangered like many animals that were held in captivity.  The animal needs to be able to live a natural life like many other animals in the wild.

Emmy, Meadowlawn Intermediate:  I think animals should not be kept in captivity because when animals are in a cage they're trapped and don't have much room.  I also think that animals that are predators prefer hunting for their prey instead of zoo keepers feeding them.  Animals need their space so they can move.  My dog always waits at the back door because she has her own space when she's outside. 

Maggie, Lincoln Elementary:  A wild animal should stay with its family and its own kind instead of in a cage. You should not take an animal away from its habitat. They need to be with their own kind or they will get lonely without their family.  Taking away from their habitat can make them not want to eat food and make them sick and die.  We don't want the animals to die do we?  Keeping them in their homes and habitats is the best for the animals.  Don't take them from their habitat and place them in captivity.

Lauren, Dodge Intermediate:  I think animals should not be in captivity, but if they were, it would have to be as realistic as possible.  My only exception would be if the animal is endangered.  Orcas are my favorite animal, and we have to think about how the animal feels, forgetting about our wants.

Molly, Independence Primary:  The fourth grade students at Independence primary school won the News Depths A+ last week. We couldn’t have done it without our wonderful art teacher Mr. Gruber.  It looked great at the art show.  Thank you so much for giving us the News Depth A+!  We all screamed so loudly when it came on in the art room which our teachers put us in all together so we could share the moment!

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