NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #23

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:   After voting in our NewsDepth Primary Election (this week's survey), write to us and let us know which candidate would be your top choice and why.

Mira, East Woods Elementary:  I voted for Hillary Clinton because I think a lady president would be good, after 300 years.  It seems like people are not voting for women because they seem weaker than they are.

Zak, School of Innovation:  If I could vote this election, I would vote for Bernie Sanders.  He would be a great president in my opinion.  He wants to fight terrorism, defend our interest rates and values, etc.  I hope he is elected.

Brooklynn, Margaretta Elementary:  If I were able to vote, I would vote for John Kasich for president because he is a good man and wants to make good changes to the United States.

Chloe, Rocky River Middle School:  I think that Donald Trump would be an amazing president for our country.  I voted for him in the survey and hope many others do too.  I especially like that you put a survey for kids so we can vote for who we want for president because kids should have a say on who is president.  If we can have our own election it is almost like we are able to vote!

Samantha, Summit Elementary:  I would vote for Ted Cruz because my dad and stepmom are voting for him and they think he will make good decisions.  I believe them and I have done research.  Republicans support school choice and say that education reform is necessary and scholarships should be given so that students can attend the school that best suits their needs. 

Rylee, Greentown:  For the survey, I voted for Hillary Clinton.  It would be super cool to see a female take charge of our country.  Plus, her husband has been president before and she has had some experience in politics and running our country.

Madison, Meadowlawn Intermediate:  If I was able to vote I would vote for Bernie Sanders because he is an older man and has more experience, along with a lot of knowledge about everything that you need to do to become president unlike Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.  I really hope that Bernie Sanders becomes our president...Feel the Bern!

Ms. Sloan's Class, Springdale Elementary:  In your survey this week, our class voted and we picked John Kasich. We chose him because we know a lot about him and he's our state governor. We just learned about the branches of government and we learned that the governor is the head of the state executive branch and his job is to enforce the laws.

Christian, Field Elementary:  I was really excited about this week’s NewsDepth.  I voted for Donald J. Trump.  I voted for Trump because he is funny and stands for his word.  Trump also doesn't care about others bad thoughts about him. We took a vote in Mrs. Horrning's class and Hillary Clinton won.

Kara, Sacred Heart of Jesus Academy:  On the survey I chose Ted Cruz because he'll get rid of The Common Core.  At first I was thinking if I should pick Cruz or Clinton.  When my dad told me who did what and what they said, and what they have done, I felt I should pick Cruz.  But I would love to see a woman president!

Maya, Elmhurst Elementary:  I don't think I would vote for any of the candidates.  I find it weird that so many people think that the president has so much power.  It really comes down to how Congress will vote.  I think my teacher would be a great president. 

Olivia, Emerson Middle School:  I think girls have the right to play on men's teams.  I think the only reason women can’t play on a men's basketball team is that women are not as strong as men for defense. If women were allowed to play in men's sports they might not get as much money as the men.  That wouldn't be fair!

Nadia, Central Intermediate:  I really love your show and I hope it will be here long enough for my children to see it.  You are amazing and you guys always find a way to find interesting and important news and still tell us without scaring or making us frightened of the world around us.

Aryana, Waynesfield-Goshen Elementary:  Kindness Tree (Photo)

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