NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #22

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  This week, we want you to use your creativity. Think of an emoji that describes a feeling that you would like to share -- and design it.

Jessie, Ralph E Waite Elementary:  Tons of modern day Americans use emojis every day.  I do think that we should cut it down a bit.  I can agree that Americans use emojis too much.  My sister texts her friends with emojis 24/7.  They send each other paragraphs of weird emojis.  I think the girl emojis are a bit too girly for even me!  And I'm not even a tom-boy!  I wish Apple would make emojis of girls doing what tom-boys do, not just girly things.

Mrs. Halerz, Pinnacle Academy:  If I could create an emoji I would create teacher emojis. They would include a happy teacher, a loving teacher, a tired teacher, a waiting patiently teacher and a let's be quiet teacher! I think a lot of teachers would agree and use them all the time!! Happy Teaching!!

Jordan, North College Hill MS:  I enjoyed the topic about the emojis. I never knew that many were sent every day.  I do think that we need more emojis to express girls’ feelings, because not all girls are painting their nails or getting their hair done.  More emojis will also help people know that there are more activities to do.  I use emojis all the time!

Cammie, Columbus School for Girls:  I think they need more female emojis because the ones they have are just the girly stereotypes. If I could make a new girl emoji it would be girl with a light bulb over her head to show she has a bright idea. I hope Apple will release better female emojis in the future.

Kira, Columbus School for Girls:  I think it would be nice to have an emoji expressing envy.  It's not good to be envious of someone, but if you're trying to explain to someone like your parents, who you should talk to about feeling envious [it would be good to have].  It would have two people, one with green under the eyes reaching for the other person.  I think it explains envy very well.

Samantha, Kensington Intermediate:  The emoji I would create would be an ice skater.  It would be a girl doing a layback spin.  A layback spin is one of the prettiest spins in my opinion and I love watching my older sister, Alex, do one.  My family has always been a skating family, so if emoji companies ever want to create an emoji that is near to my heart; it would be a skating emoji.  

Elliot, Norton Primary:  If I had my own emoji it would be the world and every continent would have a heart and an animal in it. The world would be for my love of outdoors, the hearts for my loving and kindness, and the animals for my love of animals.

Diana, Morgan East Elementary:  The Happy Zombie emoji (Photo)

Eloise, Morgan East Elementary:  Girl Soccer Ball emoji (Photo)

Lina, Columbus School for Girls:  The emoji I created was a confused emoji, because sometimes I don’t understand something that I am sent and I wish I had one.  (Photo)

Rhian, Columbus School for Girls:  My emoji is a stink face, for is someone it acting mysterious or weird. (Photo)

Isaiah, The Academy Homeschool:  News Cat emoji (Photo)

Nia, The Academy Homeschool:  I love basketball, but there are no girl emojis playing the game! (Photo)

Annamarie, Dodge Intermediate:  If I could make my own emoji it would look like some sort of Halloween costume cat because I love animals, especially cats.

Olivia, St. Mary’s Intermediate:  This emoji represents how silly the rain can get, but doesn’t let itself down.  It still has a good day!

Krista, St. Mary’s Intermediate:  Trombone emoji (photo).

Brianna, St. Mary’s Intermediate:  Girl Basketball Player emoji (photo).

Ms. Behrik, Independence Primary:  The 4th graders of Independence Primary School, with the help of art teacher Mr. Gruber painted this Cavs mural for the annual art show.  The 4th graders decided to paint the Cavs mural to show their Cleveland Spirit.  The Cavs also practice in the city of Independence where the school is located!  Go Cavs! (Photo)

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