NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #21

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  How does the amount of sleep you get impact your daily life? Does your performance in school or outside activities suffer if you don't get enough sleep?

Cassidy, Mulberry Elementary:  I loved the segment about how humans need more sleep.  I get 6-8 hours of sleep normally, which still leaves me sleepy.  My brother is in high school, so he wakes me up every morning when he gets up, which makes me very cranky and tired all day.  One time, I had gym class and I was so tired that a dodgeball ended up hitting me in the face because I was dozing off. I thought it was sort of funny but ever since then I haven't wanted it to happen again.  I agree that people stay up all night on their phones.  I wish someone would invent something that turns off every device during the night so nobody can stay up all night on their phones.

Emily, St. Susanna:  For the survey I chose 6-8 hours.  I usually do not feel tired at school but there have been days where I have almost fallen asleep.  Even though I only get 6-8 hours of sleep I feel it is important to meet the hours of recommended sleep.  My family has a rule that you must get at least 8 hours of sleep or more per night.

Jessica, Ralph E. Waite Elementary:  In the survey, I voted for 6-8 hours of sleep. I know people out there count the hours they were asleep after waking up. Well, sometimes that doesn't cut it. A lot of times a person will be in such a light sleep, that it's not considered sleep at all. Then they end up getting 6-8 hours of real sleep.

Madelyn, Claggett Middle School: At night I get about 9-11 hours of sleep each night. It is important that we can get enough sleep at night or everyone would be tired and sleep during the day.

Emmy, Meadowlawn:  I get about 8 hours of sleep because I'm very active so I go to bed very late.  When I get home from the activity that I did, I have to eat dinner then I shower because I'm very sweaty.  My mom makes me brush my teeth and floss so that takes up five minutes.  I usually go to bed at about 10:00 but then I stay up because I can't go to sleep! So then I fall asleep out of nowhere then I'm very tired.

Ethan, Suffield Elementary:  I get 9-11 hours of sleep most nights.  I get 10 hours during the school week.  I love to sleep!  I am mostly never tired. I make sure I get just the right amount of sleep because it is good for you.  I don't want to get sicknesses from sleeping 6-7 hours. That is a scary feeling for me.

Jenna, Dodge Intermediate:  If I don’t get enough sleep, the whole day I will be cranky and tired.  I don’t really understand what I’m learning and I do worse on tests or quizzes.  Also I will do worse while I play softball.  When I don’t think I get enough sleep, the next night I go to bed earlier and make sure I don’t have any electronics near my bed.

Alyssa, Mulberry Elementary:  I really liked when a whole school joined together and wore pink and sang Rachel Platten’s "Fight Song."  I thought that was very kind how they all sang that song to their teacher who had cancer. I thinks that it’s very thoughtful how they surprised there teacher by singing her the song and wearing pink. That’s one of my favorite songs.

Kaylee, Woodlands Intermediate:  I think the story about Venezuela’s bread is very sad.  It’s sad because they have to take a ticket to those stores on a certain day and time.  We are very lucky to have stores we can go to and see aisles of bread.

Tessa, Maryland Elementary:  Who would have thought that a dog would make it to the big time.  The new Brazilian tennis match has dogs that retrieve the tennis balls for the players.  Now these aren't just regular dogs these are shelter dogs that can be adopted.  I think that is really good idea, to get more animals adopted. I personally don't like slobber on my tennis ball, but this is a really good idea.

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