NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #20

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  Do you have a cool recycling program in your classroom, school or community?

Natalie, St. Patrick:  I think recycling is very important.  If people couldn't recycle things we would have so much trash that would mostly just be plastic.  At my school we have recycling baskets in the hallways on ever floor and the students are encouraged to recycle plastic bottles, cans, glass, and foil.

Ruby, Kensington Intermediate:  I'm glad the Flint water crisis is being solved.  It is really unhealthy for people to have lead in their water.  I think drinking bottled water is a good idea.  I love that kids are starting to donate water bottles!  How generous!  I think that it is great that 100 people volunteered to hand out bottled water to the citizens.

Kallena, Meadowlawn Elementary:  I am not aware of a cool recycling program in my community, but I want to start a program at my house and with my friends.  At my house we try to recycle, because every month we drink about 4 milk cartoons.  Every time we get a chance we try to recycle our bottles, cartons, and boxes.  I think everyone should try harder to recycle with friends and family.  My grandpa takes our bottles because he recycles.  I think that Perkins should have more recycling programs.  When I checked I found about 2 recycling programs.

Mason, St. Susanna:  At my house we recycle everything that we can.  We have to bins that we use to hold our recyclables.  Sometimes we even have to use two black garbage bags!  I think it is really sad that some people have to live in environments that are filled with garbage.  One of my wishes for the world is the end of garbage.

Gwen, Maryland Elementary:  The segment about India's trash was great, so I decided to tell you something about the way my school takes care of trash.  We have two recycling bins, one holds plastic and aluminum and the other takes care of paper.  Every Tuesday and Wednesday during instrumental time the people in 4th through 6th grade take care of the bin that holds plastic and aluminum.  They take the liner out, put a new liner in, and bring it to the main holder. Then on Fridays the 4th grade takes the paper and brings it to the main holder. That's our system!

Kaiya, St. Patrick’s:  The things we recycle are nonrenewable resources; resources that once used up can't be replaced. So if we recycle we won't use up and waste things like plastic, metal, or aluminum. Even if you can't recycle you can use recyclables for something different like a craft or container. You can also use things like water bottles and plastic containers so you can keep using them.

Caleb, Brentmoor Elementary:  Our school recycles paper every Thursday and we have a recycling club. We have a club that goes around the school and collects the paper from the gray recycle bins in each classroom.

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