NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #19

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  Many students and even adults experience bullying.  Share your suggestions and ideas for stopping and preventing bullying. 

Maya, Wilson Elementary:  Bullying is not a nice thing to do.  We could prevent it by telling the bully how we feel about what is happening.  Letting them know how you feel might make them realize that what they are doing is wrong.  Also, you could ask them how they would feel if they were in your situation.  If that doesn't work we could tell a teacher or school counselor.

Josh, Troy Intermediate:  I don't see bullying a lot in my school, but I would take actions to stop it.  One idea is that a bully must pay a small fine every time he or she is caught, and the fine increases the more they are caught bullying.  This will help stop bullying, because nobody wants to pay money for harassing someone.

Samantha, Kensington Intermediate:  I think that bullying is worse than most people think it is.  The people who have not seen bullying are lucky, but they miss out on what it would feel like.  Knowing what bullying looks or feels like is very important to know, so that you don't become a bully.  I think that one way to prevent bullying from happening is to try to be kind, and to try not to be a bully.

Maggie, Meadowlawn Elementary:  I think bullying is a big problem and I have a few ideas to help prevent it.  For instance, we could have programs go to schools and talk to kids about bullying and how to stop it. They also could do activities that help to prevent bullying.  Another idea I have is that in every community there could be a place for people to get help and to get courage to stand up to bullies and to tell them what they are doing is not okay. 

Riley, Chagrin Falls Intermediate:  My school is doing a Caught Being Kind contest.  Whenever you see someone doing something kind, you report it to a teacher.  They write the person's name, what they did, and the person that reported its name on it.  Every Friday, they pull a slip.  The person that was being kind and the person that reported it come to the office to collect a prize. One person from each grade wins. 

Ashley, Middleburg Heights Junior High: Brook Park Memorial Buddy Bench (Photo).       

- Hi Ashley, Thanks for sending this great photo! ~N.D. Team

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