NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #18

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  Which voting system (Caucus or Primary) would you like to participate in and why is it preferable over the other? 

Violet, Columbus School for Girls:  I think that primary voting is more effective than caucuses. I think that because primary voting is easier to access than caucuses. With primary voting someone can go to any hour of the voting day, but caucuses only happen once. Primary voting also is quicker and easier than a caucus.

Ana, Kensington Intermediate:  I think the primary voting system is probably easier than the caucus voting system. I mean, the caucus system is utter chaos! There are people going every which way, and if I were to go to one, I wouldn't know where to go!

Casey, Independence Primary:  I think that the Primary elections are better than the caucus, because caucuses are confusing and are too early.  I was a grown-up I would want more time to decide which candidate to choose for president. 

Ryleigh, Falls Lenox Primary:  I think that the spider is very cool, but it is very weird looking.  It is nice to have a spider in the world that is not venomous.  When you look at it, it doesn't look like other spiders.  One more thing, that spider looks like a monster!

Paige, Westwood Elementary:  I thought the segment about the Zika virus was very interesting.  I never knew there was a forest named Zika Forest in Uganda. I knew that they (mosquitos) could carry yellow fever, but Zika is a different story.  I live in Ohio, so it's kind of scary that Zika is here.  Not nearly enough is being done to stop it.  I hope they find a cure soon because I attract a lot of mosquitos in the summer. Plus, I'm a girl which doesn't help (since it's a birth defect).

AJ, Westwood Elementary:  I chose to write about the Zika virus because I thought it was an interesting topic. The Zika virus was accidentally discovered while they were learning about Yellow fever.  I think people who live in the US should not go to Uganda or places near it.  I think this because people could spread the disease to people in the US and that could affect our children in the future.  Until we find a cure for Zika, I don't think anyone should be allowed to leave the US and go to Uganda.

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