NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #17

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Do you think Robert E. Lee’s name should be removed from the school’s title due to concerns over Confederate symbolism? 

Nathan, Rocky River Middle School:  I believe that Robert E. Lee's name should be removed from the school.  First, even though Robert E. Lee was on the Confederate side, I think he is a historical figure to the south.  For example, Ulysses Grant was a military general for the Union (North), but Robert E. Lee was a military general for the Confederate.  Though I disagree with the beliefs of the confederate, I think some may be affected or uncomfortable with the name of the school.  Finally, it is part of the United States history, everything may not be perfect, but as a union, we are together, Robert E. Lee was part of the U.S. history, we cannot forget our past, and not isolate historical figures. 

Ava, St. Patrick School:  I think they shouldn't remove the name from the schools, because it is not fair to Robert E. Lee School and Stonewall School. They have the right to keep the names.  They might just be honoring them to show how brave they were to die for their country.  If they do remove the names from the schools then it is just like removing the confederate flag from everyone's houses.  How do you think it would feel to have something special to you removed from your house permanently? 

Samantha, Kensington Intermediate:  I think that the name Robert E. Lee should be taken from the title of the school. The civil war shows a really painful time for our country, because of slavery. Honestly, I think that some states in the south are proud of their confederate landmarks, but other states aren't happy about it. Slavery is something that shouldn't be forgotten, but remembered because people don't want to repeat history. Any person who is honored for fighting for slavery should be honored, but not an out as an eponym.

Greta, Meadowlawn Elementary:  I think that Robert E Lee's name should not be removed from the name of the school.  If the name was to be removed from the school, then that would take away some of the honor that he has earned.  Lee should be remembered, and having a school named after him is a great way to get the recognition that he deserves.  Nobody has the right to take that away from someone who has worked hard to earn it.

Jade, Central Intermediate:  I don't think they should remove the school's title because, I think, it is their belief. The North does school naming after their heroes like Lincoln and Franklin so the South should have the right to keep their hero with them too.  People can think anything they want.

Nick, Dodge Intermediate:  I liked the story about the school’s name changing.  When I lived in Texas I went to the exact school you showed.  I voted that Lee elementary shouldn’t change the name because it could become a legendary school!

Bradyn, Rushwood Elementary:  I think Zika is spreading fast and we need everyone to help.  To stop it we need to have people that are pregnant and traveling to Brazil stop going.  Then, if the people stay in Brazil we need the health experts to travel to Brazil and help.  Finally, we need to find a cure for Zika and give resources to Brazil and light the place up with bug lights to kill the bugs. 

Mary, Munroe Elementary:  I think the story about the kids from Cleveland was a great idea because it made me think how much kids can go through at school. It brought tears to my eyes that somebody was getting made fun of because she did not know English.

Felix, Emerson Elementary:  I loved the story about the ethnicity seminar and how the students who went on the stage were given college scholarships. It was cool how the students talked about the fact that they were made fun of just because they couldn't speak English. When I'm in middle school I want to learn another language, possibly Chinese!

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