NewsDepth Inbox: Episode #15

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Put yourself in the shoes of a Campaign Manager.  Which advertising technique (Bandwagon, Plain Folks, Mudslinging) would you use?  Bonus points if you give us an example of how you would use the technique.

Aidan, Preston Elementary:  If I were a candidate I would use the plain folk campaign technique because everyone thinks they could be president and I would use that thought to win the election. My speech would be do you think you can be president? Well, yes you can! I'm just like you. I get stuck in traffic.  I have hard times. So if you can do it I can! It’s like voting yourself so vote for me! (Walking offstage with style.)

Danica, Arrowhead Primary:  My Technique would be Plain Folk, because I could show the people who I really am. I would show them how I live my life with my family and show them if I am honest or trustworthy, or generous.  I would show them if I am a leader or productive candidate.  I would show everyone how much time I put into all of my speeches and show how devoted I am to all of my speeches and to all of the people of the United States.     

Joey, Maryland Elementary:  I voted in the survey that I would use the “Plain Folk” advertising technique, although I think the “Bandwagon” technique would be the most effective because people would want to vote for the person who wins and already has a lot of supporters. I believe using the “Plain Folk” technique would make the voters feel like they can relate to you, and they might give you their vote. I think the “Mudslinger” technique is a fine technique to use, but doesn’t make you look any better, it only makes your opponent look worse.

Aurora, Summit Elementary:  Personally, if I were a presidential campaign manager, I would use the bandwagon technique.  I think this is a good idea because it shows that you as a candidate have good ideas. It also shows that many other citizens are following you. It is also scientifically proven that when there given the choice between what's popular or a unique idea, people are more likely to pick the popular choice. 

Devin, Ayer Elementary:  The section on politics was really cool! I wish my whole family could see it my grandfather is the democratic chair for Hamilton county and my mom ran for senate. If I was a campaign manager I would say something like vote for Fred he’s just like you.  He has a family and troubles to pay taxes.  Vote for Fred and lose the troubles of America!

Erica, Hilltop Elementary:  I think that it is cool how the little girl was born with one lung and half of a heart, and lived because of a cardboard box and virtual reality! I know someone who had heart surgery and my old school did this thing called Jump Rope for Heart, and we had tons of banners and posters in the gym since the late 1900s.

Rylee, Westwood Elementary:  My favorite story was about the girl that was born with half a heart and only one lung. I thought it was sad that the doctors said there was no hope and sent her home to die. And thanks to a google box and an Iphone that little girl will not die. You could see it 3D and if you move it would move too. You could see the front, back, and all the sides. I was glad that the little girl could survive.

Sarah, Kensington Intermediate:  I think it is great that Hong Kong is banning the trade of ivory. African elephants are very close to extinction, but maybe this ban will help stop the killing of these creatures, so their population can grow again.

Amani, Kinsner Elementary:  The discovery of the ship wreck is so cool! I can't believe that they haven't discovered it for 200 years! That's a long time! I hope they find more facts about it and see what ship it was. It'll be pretty cool discovering something like that. I want to see if they find every part of it because I really want to know what it looks like. It's been 200 years, so I don't think that they'll find many parts of it.

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