NewsDepth 2021-2022 | Episode 24

In this week's episode, we head to the U.S. Capitol, where President Joe Biden’s historic Supreme Court pick is in the hot seat. And, in this week’s Politics on Point, we learn more about the Supreme Court’s power, as Nick Castele takes us through the three branches of the U.S. government.

Next, we visit a group of displaced Ukrainians, who explain what possessions they took with them as they fled their homes. And that got us wondering: What is your most precious possession?  

Then, we remember the life of Madeleine Albright, a European refugee who became the first female U.S. Secretary of State. Albright died last week at 84. 

FInally, in this week’s Know Ohio, we tag along with Dayton’s famous Wright brothers as they take flight for the first time.  

Confirm (verb): To give approval to.

Ad-lib (adjective): A shortened version of the Latin word ad libitum, is something that is said without having been planned or written beforehand. 

Secretary of State (noun): A high-ranking member of the president’s cabinet, who tries to make the world safer – and the U.S. more successful – through diplomacy.

We learn what Ukrainian refugees took along with them as they fled, and now we want to know: What is your most precious possession?

You can use the inbox form to submit your answers.

We learn about the three branches that make up our federal government – and their powers. And now, for this week’s poll, we’re wondering: Which branch of the U.S. government do you think has the most power? Executive branch (the president and his cabinet), Judicial branch (the Supreme Court), the Legislative branch (Congress), or “They seem pretty equal to me!” Click here to vote!

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