NewsDepth 2020-2021 | Episode 20

In this week's episode, we travel the country to see how winter weather has been impacting folks. In Texas, it has caused power outages; while in Colorado plumbers are coming to the rescue when frozen pipes burst.

It's not easy to stay fit during the winter or during a pandemic. We've got advice on how to keep active and ask for your tips too! Plus, we hear how Chile successfully distributes its COVID-19 vaccines. 

Finally, a group of Ohio kids win a California film festival. We hear about their big production!

acquit (verb) to find not guilty of charges

bipartisan (adjective) receiving support from both major political parties - the Democrats and Republicans

cryoseism (noun) the expansion of groundwater freezing into ice that causes soil and rock to crack resulting in loud noises and some shaking

plumber (noun) someone who specializes in installing and repairing pipes used in water lines, heating systems, and the like

wind chill (noun) how cold it feels when you consider the air temperature, and wind makes

This week we learn about staying active during the winter and pandemic. Now we want to know: What are you doing to stay active nowadays?

You can use the inbox form to submit your answers. We will share some of your best letters in the next episode.

For this week’s poll, we want to know: how much physical activity do you get? "Less than an hour a day, "About an hour a day," or "More than an hour a day."   Click here to vote!

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