More Than 200 New Species Found in the Eastern Himalayas

Animal lovers rejoice! A sneezing monkey, a bedazzled snake and a frog with big eyebrows are among more than 200 new species recently discovered in the Eastern Himalayas.

Species is defined as a group of animals, plants or other living things that all share common characteristics and that are classified as alike in some manner.

The new species were found in the countries that make up the eastern region of the Himalayas. That region stretches from Northern India through Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet…and reaches into Northern Myanmar. New discoveries include the "Dracula fish" which has long fangs on its face... and a frog with big eyebrows that look like horns.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the species you see here were all discovered within the last six years.

Another creature, the snub-nosed monkey, has an upturned nose that gets blocked with water when it rains, causing the animal to sneeze. Among the other new species discovered were 133 plants, 39 invertebrates, 26 fish and one bird.

The WWF says many of these species are threatened by changes in climate, hunting, and economic development and are considered endangered.

Endangered species refers to a species that has been categorized as likely to become extinct.

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