Inbox: What Ripple Effects Does An Illness Like The Coronavirus Have?

This week we learned how the outbreak of the coronavirus has had a major impact on businesses in China. We wanted to know: what are other ripple effects of an illness like the coronavirus? Here are some of your insightful answers!

Landon, Grant Elementary School in Lakewood: It can cause people and kids to stay inside more, which means there not getting enough exercise. Also, not being outside means you're not dealing with all the regular germs that are floating in the air and when you finally go outside you get sick a whole lot easier.

Kaden, Elmhurst Elementary School in Toledo: The effects of the virus are closing hotels, food places, and restraurants. Some people cant travel to other places eather. You can't go to your favorite places. For exampile, I could'nt go to Chick - fil-a or Taco Bell, because they would be shut down so more people don't get sick from the virus.

Chase, Crestview Elementary School in Brunswick: The coronavirus has many ripple effects like closing down businesses, closing trams, and closing airports. Some businesses that closed down because of the virus are McDonald, Starbucks, etc. Trams are a big part of transport in China, and shutting them down is big. Many airports are either closing or developing new systems to get on the plane. This is huge in China and it is affecting many lives.

Jameela, Middlebranch Elementary School in Canton: The effect can cause many things such as viruses and illness, and the cause of this can do things such as having to stay home when you have work or school, but if you still go out then you can get other people sick too. That is why it is important to cover your mouth when you cough, sneeze and try not to put your breath on people the other important thing to do wipe things off before and after you sit or use it.

Riley, Tallmadge Elementary School in Tallmadge: If people get an illness it can harm them, maybe kill them. Also, if people get an illness they can go to different states and it can spread in that state. Also, people can close lots of buildings from nobody coming if there sick. They can lose money from stores closing down. People can't make money from being sick because they have to stay in their homes until they're better. Also, they could lose their job from being sick so much and not coming to work. Finally they can shut down schools from nobody coming.

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