Food Shortage in Venezuela

In Venezuela, consumers are struggling with yet another food shortage: bread. The South American country's government has been unable to import wheat flour due to lack of dollars.
To import means to bring goods, such as bread among many other things, into a country... As opposed to exporting which refers to sending goods or services to another country for sale or trade.

For Venezuela residents, bread -- along with coffee, milk and sugar and other staples are scare these days. For the little bread that is available, sales are being rationed or portioned. The widespread shortages led to some lawmakers declaring a food emergency.

Venezuela is an oil-rich nation and its economy is taking a toll from falling oil prices.

Here in the U.S., individual states also do a lot of importing and exporting of goods. Ohio, for example, is among the top ten U.S. states in terms of exporting goods or services. Ohio's top export partner is not surprisingly, Canada. Vehicles and vehicle parts, as well as aircraft machinery top Ohio’s list of exports.

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