Election 2016: NH Results & Understanding Delegates

Ohio governor John Kasich continues to battle for the republican nomination in the 2016 presidential race. After last week's New Hampshire primary, there are just six republicans left in what started out as a much larger field of candidates. Governor Kasich finished in second place to Donald Trump when votes were counted in New Hampshire. He told supporters his performance shows that staying away from campaign mudslinging...actually works. Bernie Sanders won New Hampshire's democratic primary, edging out Hillary Clinton.

But what does all this mean?

For a candidate to win the party nomination at the national conventions this summer, he or she must first win delegates at the state level. Each state has a certain number of delegates to hand out. In New Hampshire for example, there were 23 delegates up for grabs on the republican ticket. Just because Donald Trump won the New Hampshire primary, doesn't mean he gets all 23... at least in New Hampshire anyway.

In other states, like Ohio for instance, it's a winner take all system. So the candidate with the most votes would get all of the delegates.

Up next for the presidential hopefuls: the South Carolina primary and the Nevada caucuses.

Instructional Links

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