Coral Reefs Endangered by Global Bleaching Event

A massive project that photographs coral reefs around the world shows devastating changes are happening and they're happening fast.

When you think of coral reefs, you probably think of bright colors, right? New photos show many of the world's coral reefs are being bleached, an effect that can whiten and kill coral, as ocean temperatures rise.

Richard Vevers, the director of the XL Catlin Seaview Survey explains.

In the story you heard the term, El Nino. That's a climate pattern that occurs every few years, and causes the water in the Pacific Ocean to get warmer than usual.

Experts say by the end of this year 38% of the world's reefs will have been affected, and as many as 95% of U.S. corals could be exposed to bleaching conditions.

Instructional Links

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