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Let’s dive on in to what's making headlines this week. Starting off in Lake Erie, the U.S. Coast Guard says underwater contractors will search for the source of what appears to be a petroleum leak from a barge that sank eight decades ago.

Shipwreck hunters think the leaking substance is from a tanker barge that went down near Ohio's Kelleys Island during a 1937 storm. The Argo is among 87 shipwrecks on the federal registry created two years ago to identify the most serious pollution threats to U.S. waters.

The Coast Guard was notified of the wreckage in September, after a shipwreck hunter found Argo 44 feet down and 8 miles east of Kelleys Island near the U.S. and Canadian border.

Divers will be looking for ways to seal the leak this week, and they're encouraging boaters to avoid the area.

They're celebrating their 125th birthday at Akron Children's Hospital, and talk about an extra large birthday card take a look at this.

To mark their birthday, the hospital unveiled a giant mosaic mural - comprised of nearly 10-thousand individual works of art. The artwork was created over a period of nine months by Akron Children's Hospital employees, community members, Girl Scout troops and even students from 26 local schools.

From far away you see a helicopter, hot air balloon and a building, but if you look really close, it's actually thousands of tiny inspirational messages. Rick even visited the mural earlier this week... and read some of them. The mural, which is 10 feet tall and 15 feet wide, depicts features that are significant to the hospital's history, including the doggie brigade, Petie the pony and air bear.

It's looking very much like Halloween in Central Ohio...That’s because thousands of spiders have constructed their webs on the Main Street Bridge in downtown Columbus.  

One expert estimates that there's anywhere between five to 10,000 spiders on the bridge... mostly visible at night, when they're feasting on dinner. So what's the deal? Naturalists say it speaks to the health of the river beneath the bridge. And with more insects flying up toward the bridge lights at night, the spiders just follow the food trail.

Maybe that's nature's way of decorating for Halloween?

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