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Rick happens to be in the headline of my favorite story this week -- for that we buckle up and hang on for a sneak peak of Cedar Point's new coaster!

Rick was lucky enough -- or brave enough depending on your feelings about roller coasters, to be one of the first to ride Valravn, the world's tallest, fastest and longest dive coaster! He traveled to Sandusky this week for media day and for a little preview of Valravn. Let's see if he's still smiling after climbing 223 feet into the sky. And there he goes, diving down at a 90 degree angle. Wow! Glad that's you and not me, Rick!

Looks like fun, but I'm dizzy after just watching that! Thanks for the sneak peek.

And with summer just around the corner, many people will head to the shores of Lake Erie for some fun in the sun. But earlier this week, environmental regulators were busy monitoring a so-called toxic blob about nine miles from shore and five miles from an intake pipe that supplies water to parts of Cuyahoga County.

The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency says the sediment, which is highly contaminated -- was dumped into Lake Erie from the Cuyahoga River back in the 1970s. But water officials say the drinking water supply -- is safe. And no one is at risk. Both the EPA and water officials say they'll continue to monitor the sludge.

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