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We start this week in Avon Lake... Welcoming some new residents!

Two eaglets have hatched and are doing well in a nest near Redwood Elementary. The school set up the live web camera of its resident bald eagles back in November. The live stream mostly features the bald eagle couple, Stars and Stripes, sitting on their roost. But there's an occasional glimpse of the little eaglets.

Located less than a mile from Lake Erie, the pockets of woodlands near the school and smaller water sources provide an ideal habitat for these creatures.

Next, we head to Columbus for an update on Nora, the polar bear cub who we introduced to you a few months ago. Making her public debut at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium last week, Nora didn't disappoint when it came to cuteness. The now fifty pound cub showcased her swimming skills and displayed her playful side. She even got a traffic cone stuck on her snout at one point.

At almost five months old, Nora is the first polar bear born at the Columbus Zoo to have survived in twenty seven years. Visitors of the zoo will have more opportunities to see the energetic cub. She gets about an hour of public playtime every day.

And finally, some technology news for you. Researchers at the Ohio State University have reached a milestone in wearable electronics... by embroidering circuits into fabric with 0.1 millimeter precision.

That's the perfect size to integrate electronic components such as sensors and computer memory devices into clothing. The technique involves swapping out the thread in the sewing machine with fine wire filaments. Patterns are loaded into the machine from a computer and from there it takes about 15 minutes.

The advance helps researchers take the next step with functional textiles, or clothes that gather, store or transmit digital information. Picture a coat that tracks how many steps you take or a shirt that monitors your heart rate.

Up next for the research team? A bigger sewing machine.

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