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Its makeover time for an iconic Cleveland sculpture. At the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, “Steggie” the dinosaur has been a mainstay for visitors for years.

But now, the 18-foot-long and 8-foot-tall dino is going on hiatus. The stegosaurus sculpture is being moved from his Wade Oval home in front of the museum for some repairs. The museum says there's no fossilized evidence that this was the actual color of stegosaurus, but it's meant to reflect modern scientific thinking that today's birds are descended from dinosaurs.

Once believed to be armor, dinosaur horns and plates were actually more for communication, like peacock feathers. The museum calls it a 'spring break' for Steggie and expects the dino to be back sometime in April.

All of us need a hug now and then... That was the thought winners of the south by southwest tech fest reader's choice award had when they created a huggable, teddy-bear.

Xyla Foxlin and Harshita Gupta met through a technology group for women in technology. Their idea, called Parihug actually started as a project. The two female engineers in training at Case Western Reserve University created a workaround for long distance relationships between loved ones – pair-able bears that can hug someone for you.

So how do the electronically connected bears work? When one is hugged, sensors pick up on the hug and transmit it as a wifi message to the other bear. The receiving bear detects the hug and then vibrates in real-time, so you can feel someone hug you from across town or even across continents.

The two teenagers hope their invention showcases the power of technology to bring people together.

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