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Footballs big game, the Super Bowl, is this Sunday!  And the footballs for the year’s biggest and most watched sporting event were made in a small town in Ohio.

The Wilson Sporting Goods Football Factory in Ada is responsible for making the Super Bowl balls. They were shipped from Ada to Santa Clara, California last week. Both teams, the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos received 108 footballs each. That sure sounds like a lot of work -- but in fact, the plant makes thousands of pigskin footballs a day for leagues of all sizes.

So if while you're watching, you see a game winning touchdown pass... know that 'that' football came from right here in the buckeye state.

From the competition on the football field -- to the competition for the white house now... Ohio Governor John Kasich is on the campaign trail, making the case for why he should be our next president. And he received pretty good news last week, with the endorsement from two major newspapers - the New York Times and the Boston Globe. He was also endorsed by seven New Hampshire newspapers, where he's been campaigning.

The Ohio governor was praised by the papers for his ability to compromise and his experience in office. Newspaper editorial boards have been endorsing candidates for well over a century, but some newspapers have stopped endorsing candidates over the last few election cycles. Meanwhile, Kasich says he hopes his positive approach to campaigning will help him in next week's all-important race in New Hampshire. We’ll be keeping an eye on that!

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