Britain to Debate Banning Donald Trump

We'll see a new face delivering next year's State of the Union... and American citizens are not the only ones with eyes on the 2016 Presidential race. British lawmakers will debate next week whether to ban Republican presidential front runner Donald Trump from the United Kingdom.

On Monday, Britain's parliament will debate an online petition that would ban Trump from entering the country. A petition is a document signed by a large number of people, showing that they want a person or organization to do something.

That petition garnered more than half a million signatures. In the UK, a petition that gets at least 100,000 signatures can be considered for debate.

Last week, the British government released a statement confirming that Home Secretary Theresa May can ban someone from the UK if she considers their presence inappropriate for the public good. But it's not clear if Trump would meet that criteria. The petition says the country has banned people for "hate speech" in the past... and that "the same principles should apply to everyone in the UK".

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