30th Anniversary of Challenger Disaster

A moment of silence is held aboard the International Space Station, while people all over America remember the seven lives lost 30 years ago during the space shuttle Challenger disaster.

Just 73 seconds into its launch, the shuttle challenger broke apart -- the result of a booster engine failure. That sadly led to the deaths of seven crew members, including Akron native Judy Resnick. The disaster led to the grounding of the space shuttle fleet for three years, during which additional safety measures and procedures were implemented.

NASA used this "Day of Remembrance" to honor those killed in the Apollo one and Columbia shuttle disasters.

Families of the crew members who died in the challenger disaster also honored their loved ones -- by creating the challenger center for space science education. The 40 learning centers around the globe help educate students using space-themed learning environments. We're lucky enough to have two of those learning centers here in the buckeye state. They're located in Dayton and in Oregon, Ohio.

Instructional Links

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