Immigration Issues and Opportunity in Africa

A special edition of Feagler & Friends.

Originally broadcast April 26, 2013.

Guest 1: Margaret W. Wong, attorney, Margaret Wong & Associates
The U.S. Congress seems inclined to pass some version of immigration reform. But it’s far from clear what shape the reforms will take. Among concepts still at issue, whether immigrants here illegally will have path to citizenship and if so, how long and steps that might be taken to prevent future illegal mass migrations. Wong is one of the nation’s best-known and experienced immigration attorneys. She’ll share her thoughts on the subject along with her own personal immigration story, now decades in the past.

Guest 2: Patrick J. Griswold, founder and president, WhyAfricaNow
The Conneaut businessman says American business should look to Africa to boost their bottom line. The World Bank estimates economies in sub-Saharan Africa are growing at the rate of five per cent annually, faster than the United States. The most successful are fueled by world demand for commodities, but they’re also the countries with the most stable political climates. Rapidly-growing economies need goods, services and expertise from developed countries. This, says Griswold, creates opportunities for American companies with the knowledge to pursue them. Griswold is part of an outreach effort by business and government interests in Tanzania and Kenya to form partnerships on this side of the pond.

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