Great Job!

About the Series

WVIZ/PBS ideastream, with support from the Broadcast Educational Media Commission, has developed Great Job!, a video series for 6th through 12th grade students interested in exploring Ohio’s many exciting career opportunities.

These videos take students on a "day in the life" of several Ohio professionals. Each video is accompanied by an Educators’ Guide or student worksheets that support further investigation into the career.

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Scott Haigh, Orchestra Musician
The Cleveland Orchestra

Meet Scott Haigh, First Assistant Principal Bass for the world renowned Cleveland Orchestra, and follow his musical journey from a high school student inspired by the Chicago Symphony, to the hallowed halls of Severance, one of Ohio’s most famous concert halls. Scott describes what it takes to become an orchestra musician, and how an interest in world languages helped jump start his career.

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Tony Ganzer, Radio Host & Producer
90.3 WCPN ideastream

Tony Ganzer currently works as the afternoon host and producer for WCPN, but his career in journalism has taken him to some unexpected places. Tony has covered everything from tourism in Arizona, to banks in Switzerland - and has reported in multiple languages. We follow Tony’s career over several continents, and learn why journalists must often delve into the complicated world of finance.

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Gina Vernaci, Senior Vice President of Theatre Operations
Playhouse Square

Gina Vernaci started as a temporary assistant in Cleveland’s Playhouse Square back when the theatre district was nearly bankrupt. Today, she’s the Senior Vice President of Theatre Operations - and Playhouse Square is the largest theatre district in the country outside of New York. We learn how perseverance - and an interest in math and finance - led Gina to a successful career in the arts.

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Chris Davis, Plant Ecologist and Janet Popielski, Civil Engineer
Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Chris Davis is a Plant Ecologist and Janet Popielski is a Civil Engineer at the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. We follow Chris as he works to rid the park of invasive plant species, and bring back vibrant native species to the park. Afterwards, we tag along with Janet, as she shows us her work on a natural wastewater treatment plant.

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Dr. Todd Blackledge, Spider Biologist
University of Akron

Dr. Todd Blackledge is a biologist at the University of Akron, who specializes in spider silk. We spend part of the video outdoors with Dr. Blackledge, as he locates spider webs in the wild, then, we follow him back to the lab where he demonstrates how to extract spider silk from a live spider, and tests its strength.

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Stephanie White, Aquarium Curator, Halle Minshall, Dive Safety Coordinator, and Ray Popik, Senior Aquarist
Greater Cleveland Aquarium

Keeping an aquarium up and running is a team effort and, in this video, we meet three members of the staff at the Greater Cleveland Aquarium: Curator Stephanie White, Diver Halle Minshall, and Senior Aquarist Ray Popik. We follow the team as they care for stingrays, dive with exotic fish, and feed sharks.

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Dr. Linda Spurlock, Director of Human Health
Cleveland Museum of Natural History

Dr. Spurlock explains her multi-faceted career as an anatomist, forensic reconstruction artist, and scientific illustrator. She also shows examples of her work and demonstrates how her science-based education and her artistic abilities help reconstruct the past in order to educate the general public and even solve crimes for the police department. A very talented and interesting individual!

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Dr. Mike Selig, Veterinarian
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

Dr. Selig talks about his job as a zoo veterinarian, his responsibilities and duties, as well as the training and formal education he received at the Ohio State University. We will follow the doctor throughout a typical day as he works with both keepers and veterinary assistants to treat the hundreds of species in his care. Two of the highlights of his round will be a routine checkup of a sloth and a physical examination of an elephant. Wait a minute... science, technology, engineering and math... at the zoo? You bet!

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Becky Ramsay, Chemical Engineer
Parker Hannifin Corp

Becky Ramsay explains how math and science are used to help her team design, test, and, at times, destroy some of the toughest hydraulic hoses in the world. Two of the highlights are the invention of new polymer materials by the division’s chemist and the curing and testing of these polymer mixtures to measure their strength and versatility. Becky will also talk about her education at Case Western Reserve University and has some words of encouragement to students to study as much mathematics and science as possible to broaden interests and keep school and career options open.

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