President James A. Garfield Remembered; Graphic Novelist Derf; Artist Dale Chihuly; Metalsmith Jera Lodge

JAMES A. GARFIELD: The 20th President of the United States never realized his true potential as our country’s leader, having been assassinated shortly after his election in 1880. The upcoming documentary, “Murder of a President,” on WVIZ/PBS premeiring February 2nd at 9 pm tells the story his humble beginnings growing up in northeast Ohio and his final resting place at Lake View Cemetery.

DERF: Throughout our careers many of us have worked awful jobs, but not many of us have gone on to turn those terrible times into works of art.  Long before he became an internationally-acclaimed cartoonist for his strip The City and his graphic novel - My Friend Dahmer - John "Derf" Backderf  spent roughly a year as a Northeast Ohio garbage man.  Decades later Derf captures those memories in his new illustrated book – “Trashed: An Ode to the Crap Job of all Crap Jobs”. 

DALE CHIHULY:  Glass artist dale Chihuly has been creating works of art for more than 45 years.  His sculptures are displayed at nearly 200 museums around the world,  including some unconventional spaces.  In his monumental installation “garden cycle”, Chihuly plants his hand-blown works throughout 24 acres of the Denver botanic gardens. here’s a look from our PBS affiliate rocky mountain PBS…

JERA ROSE PETAL LODGE:  At the end of the day, when the jewelry comes off, it’s usually put away for safe keeping…but that’s not the case when it comes to the work of designer Jera Rose Petal Lodge.  When HER pieces come off, they wind up on display as a works of art or sculpture.


Prof. Allan Peskin, Author, Garfield Biography

Katharine Goss Pres., & CEO, Lake View Cemetery

John “Derf” Backderf, Graphic Novelist

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