Artist Jeff Suntala, 'Fragments of the Invisible' at CMA and Tech Guru Jared Bendis

Computers! They've become an indispensable part of our daily lives, reaching into every aspect of society, including art and design. We'll share the story of a local artist, Jeff Suntala, who jumped aboard the digital highway early in his career, thinking computers were a primrose path. What he found out was that for him, they became a slippery slope.

And when taking in art, most people begin to wonder "What was the artist thinking? What were they trying to say?" And sometimes it's difficult to tell, even for the experts. A new exhibit, Fragments of the Invisible, the Rene and Odette Delenne Collection of Congo Sculpture, sponsored by the Cleveland Museum of Art, speaks to some of those issues.

And, advancements in three-dimensional technology is giving artists, designers, and engineers new ways of looking at things... and building them! Our resident tech guru Jared Bendis, the Creative New Media Officer at Case Western Reserve University, demos the new technology of 3-D printers.


Artist,Jeff Suntala
Constantine Petridis, Curator Cleveland Museum of Art
Jared Bendis, Creative New Media Officer at CWRU

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