Untitled Essay #1



My Life Story


            My challenge was academic, emotional, and physically. My brother’s had a disease called Muscular Dystrophy. I was responsible for both of my brother’s. I was helping my mother take care of them. Taking care of them at one time took a toll on my grades in school. I thought I was going to fail the 9th grade. But my teacher’s passed me anyway, because they know I was capable of passing. My second year of high school, I failed the 10th grade. The emotional toll it took on me was that I was always depressed. Because my focus was always on my brother’s. I didn’t want to go no where. I was always worried about them. So that hindered me from having my own life. I didn’t have time to be with my friend’s at all. So I found my self alone, lost and depressed all the time.

            My champion is my twin brother Malik. He is my champion because he was so positive and inspirational in my life. We were very close to each other. My twin was my best friend. The bond was unbreakable. We could talk about anything. He was my inspiration because he came to acceptance with Muscular Dystrophy. He also wrote a book about his life. He believed in me. That I could do better in school. I went to school and made it to the 11th grade. Life was better for me, because he was champion.

            My outcome was that things worked out for the better. I did a lot better in school. My twin brother was happy with me, with the progress I made with my life. I became pregnant with my first child. I’m 19 year’s old. My baby is a girl. I will name her Sa’riah Danielle.

            I am now a 12th grader. I am going to graduate in May of 2016.

            For my future, I am going to college. The college that I will be attending is Tri-C. I want to be a Medical Assistant. And take care of my daughter. Be the best mother I can be. I want to go to college to enhance my education after I graduate. And to also make my life better for me and my daughter. I believe education is the best way to bigger and better with your self.

            My reflection of my experience has changed my life in way I never imagined. It has changed my goal attainment by opening my eyes to the bigger picture. My goal is to take care my daughter and to finish highschool, and go to college. I want to succeed in the being a good mother and getting my diploma, and getting my Medical Assisting Degree one day. The lessons I learned from my experience will pay forward, as inspiring other kids who have be through this experience, that it will change, your life to want to do better in the future.

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