The Story of High School Struggle


The Story of High School Struggle

My education has always been something that I've struggled with throughout my life. By the seventh grade, I had already failed two times. I was held back in the first grade, when I lived in Strongsville, for not being mature enough to advance into the second grade. My third grade year, I attended a Catholic school in Elyria The staff didn't like the fact that I had refused to go to church ceremonies and I also didn't like praying to Mother Mary on the rosary every morning. The school told my mother that I was a troubled child and that I was failing the third grade. Illegally, the school made a deal with my mother, they'd pass me to the fourth grade if she removed me from their school. During the middle of my sixth grade year, my mother sent me to live with my father, she stated that she could no longer take care of me. Once I moved in with my father I attended a new Catholic school in Cleveland and ended up failing that year. I was confused and lost; the kids where learning a different criterion than I had.

At this point in my life, I was done, I felt stupid, and I was upset that I didn't pass. I was going to be in the sixth grade all over again! It was difficult for me to see all of my new friends moving up to the seventh grade without me. It bugged me that I was two years older than all the other kids. It was embarrassing! Later on that summer, I received the news that my catholic school was closing down and that a new school was opening up at the same location. I found out that the new school was a Charter School; I'd be attending that school in the next school year. It was a whole new school all over again, and I wasn't happy about that. I was furious, and I just shut down, the change was overwhelming for me to handle.

Starting at this school, I had a sour attitude; which led to me getting in trouble and sent to the principal• s office. It got to the point where I'd see him so often he learned a lot about me. Sometimes, I'd try to skip school, and I would refuse to leave. My dad would call the principal up on the phone and tell him that I was refusing to go to school in the mornings. The principal went out of his way to come to my house and take me to school! I wasn't happy about him coming to get me, and I didn't like being in his office all the time. I eventually started going to school and behaving. That still didn't stop me from seeing the principal because now he was coming to me, asking me about my grades, and telling me to get the bad ones up. That principal, was always saying how proud he was of me that I had begun getting A's, B's, and even C's. I had many issues that I had to deal with at home. Coming to school was sometimes really difficult and if I came to school upset in the morning the principal was always there to speak to me and comfort me. I never had anyone do the things he was doing for me in my life. I didn't have anyone telling me that they were proud of me or asking to see my grades. He stood by me, encouraging me to strive for the best, to be the best, all the way up to my ninth grade year ..

Then things got really bad at home, during my ninth grade year, my dad divorced my step mom. My father immediately, moved his new girlfriend and her son into our home, whom were both complete strangers to me. I wasn't happy about it at all and she really didn't like me. Then one day we got into an argument and she told me that I'm a miserable awful person and that is why my step mom divorced my dad. She wanted rid of me just like my mother did; I knew· that it wasn't true, but it still hurt. I told her that it wasn't my fault, but hers. If she hadn't had been having an affair with my dad, they might still be together. She got very mad at me and punched me in the face. Like anyone would have done, I fought back. My father came and split up the fight; she told my father I attacked her, and to my surprise, my dad believed her. I was crushed! I left to the neighbor's house, where I was soon placed under arrest and taken to the police station. They pulled my finger prints, took a mug shot, and then said I was being charged for assault against my dad's girlfriend. She claimed that she feared for her life. I was taken to the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center, where I was held for 48 hours. I stood before a judge who gave me a mandatory sentence of the following: living with my mother for the next year, and seeing a counselor once a week. I wasn't able to finish my ninth grade year, and I wasn't allowed to go back to my fathers.

Due to what happened, I missed half of my ninth grade year. I wasn't able to finish my classes and therefore have missing credits needed for graduation. The year I spent living with my mom, I did really well in school; I passed the tenth grade along with all five OGT's, on top of that I made up some missed credit. My last month of school, my mom told me I was going to have to move because she had taken a new job. I had nowhere else to go and ended up moving in with my sister.

2015-2016 was my eleventh grade year and again I'd be attending a new school back in Cleveland. I had a really difficult time trying to get back into the Cleveland School District due to my age and the fact that I no longer was living with my parents. A lot of the schools feared the fact that I wouldn't be graduating on time due to all of my missing credit. People where telling me to just go get my GED, but I'm not going to settle for less just because I'm 18 and missing classes that's a poor excuse.

Even when school had got hard for me, I never had the intensions of dropping out, and I wasn't going to let anyone else make that decision for me. I went down to Cleveland Metropolitan School District for help; I spent the day filling out paper work and providing them with information of all the schools I had attended in the past. An employee of theirs really helped me through the process of going overall the options I had and what schools in the district could truly meet my need and help me graduate. I have to say, one of my best days, was the day I found out that I had been enrolled in Garrett Morgan High School as an 11th grade student for the 2015-2016 school year. This was my ticket to getting my High School Diploma.

My first few weeks attending Garrett Morgan, the guidance counselor sat me down to go over my transcript. She noticed that I had completed classes, but was not given credit for them. She fixed it, so no worries here. I also was notified about being enrolled into credit recovery for my three missing classes. Two months into the eleventh grade, I had already completed two out of the three classes that need to be made u and began on the last credit needed.

When I graduate from high scho'ol in the year of 2017, receiving my High School Diploma, I will have attended 14 years of school. That is fine with me because I struggled and pushed through, even when times felt like they were not going to get better. It taught me to never give up on myself. I picked myself up time and again, ignoring the people who said "you can't" and instead listening to the ones who said "you can."

As a wise man once said to me "On your way to the top all you hear is critics but once you get there all you hear is crickets" -Basheer Jones

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