The Heart to Change



I started my freshman year at Maxx Hayes Vocational High School. I had everything that I needed to finish my last 4 years of high school. had family support, teacher support and brainpower, but most importantly, I knew in my mind, that I had the heart to finish high school for good, and so did all of my teachers. My first year I was an average teenager. I would skip school, skip class, fight and get suspended every week. My father was incarcerated the minute I was born and my mother, The Queen Bee, would always tell me,

"everything you do has a consequence."

I never really took what she said seriously until the day I made one poor decision that landed me in the Cuyahoga County Juvenile Detention Center. Day after day I beat myself up mentally because I knew I broke my mother's heart and I let a lot of my family members down. Now, here I am, the bright, intelligent and kind kid everyone knew, behind bars. There I met my homeroom teacher who helped me see the unique attributes in myself that I never put to use. He helped me realize the desire I knew I had to finish high school and take me one step closer to graduation. From that point on, my past has inspired me to prosper and do better things that I always knew in my heart I could do. I was gaining more credits, my vocabulary began to expand and my classroom skills were at an all-time high.

Ironically, this experience of being detained has.turned an awful situation into something inspiring. I am now earning the credits that I messed up on in my past and I'm on my way to graduating from high school. I also realized that everything is not as bad as it seems. If you put your mind to anything that you want to do or want to be and you have the heart to do it, then it is possible.

My goals are set. I've decided to enroll in the School of One after my release so that I can continue to succeed using the same computer program that I am using now. I am beginning to receive information from colleges and have made initial contact with Wilmington College. I'm on the right path now and nothing can stop me.

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