Princess of Excellence


Princess of Excellence

I think that every young lady has the ability to be a princess, but not all of them embrace it. To me, a princess is a lady who not only takes pride in the way she presents herself, but in she who she is. A princess doesn't define herself with material things, she know that her attitude, morals and life choices are far more important. Princess of Excellence is a group that I started at John Marshall High that not only teaches ladies to find and embrace their confidence and power in being a woman but also the true meaning of companionship, love and prosperity.

There are many reasons why I felt it was necessary to start the Princess of Excellence group.

Many young ladies suffer from physical and mental illness due to a trauma that has taken place in their lives .This can cause severe depression and low self-esteem. I am my mother's only female child and the baby of the family. All my life I have been misjudged as having the perfect fairytale life. Being the daughter of a rape survivor is difficult and even more so when I am going through the same thing. I was molested over sixteen times by five different people beginning at the age of four. This was hard to endure with all the physical and mental abuse I was already going through. I was only twelve when my virginity was taken from me by a ********; I felt worthless. I hated myself and everyone around me. Unable to tell a soul, I suffered from severe depression. This caused me to attempt suicide by cutting myself and even act in ways that I regret.

It took time and a lot of prayer to get my through the trauma, but I did with the help of a phenomenal woman by the name of Cathy Speas. Mrs. Speas was a teacher at John Marshall High School. She taught me to walk by faith and not by sight. She taught her students manners, life skills and how to be responsible. Mrs. Speas and I became really close over the two years she was at John Marshall. Mrs. Speas helped me get through my problems and encouraged me to do better. She pushed me towards excellence, I was her little princess. Mrs. Speas told me stories of past experiences of other young ladies my age. At that moment I realized that there are many young girls who are going through the things I had endured. I knew I had to make a difference and reach out to these young ladies as Mrs. Speas did for me.

Despite the trauma I faced so early in my life, I did not let that trauma define me. I am able to tell my story and encourage many ladies to prosper into spontaneous women with goals. I believe that obstacles in our lives are made to strengthen a person, not destroy. One of the main focuses of Princess of Excellence is community service and to give back. We had many fundraisers for different crises centers and even volunteered at homeless shelters. Marcia Fudge U.S Congress women, whom represent Ohio, will be a guest speaker at an upcoming event that is held by Princess of Excellence. Her goal is to incorporate the group in all Cleveland Metropolitan School District Schools. I had a dream to make a difference in the world. My dream is now a reality with over sixty ladies ranging from ages four to eighteen who are striving to become something successful thanks to Princess of Excellence.

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