No Insurmountable Obstacles


No Insurmountable Obstacles

My biggest challenge in my life in order to graduate from high school is to improve my language. Sometimes it is little embarrassing when I cannot even talk as good as other students around me. My father and my mother do not speak English, so we don't speak English at home; and I never spoke English before I came to United States. I am the youngest son in my family. I am also the only one and the first person to attend school and make it up to high school in America. Everyday I face challenges of responsibility in my family, and I also face challenges educationally because I do not have someone in my family who knows about schools and colleges that much. Many times I really do face financial challenge for some of my school supplies. What I know is I have to do what is best for my family, even though some challenges aren't that good for me. I challenge myself in high school to get a higher education and to get knowledge that I must learn to prepare for my future.

My father is the most valuable champion of my life. Even though I am born from my mother, my father took all of my responsibility for me. He is always, always there for me to push me into the school. Sometimes I feel like skipping school, but he makes me realize how important education is in my life. My father never got to go school since he was born in Nepal. He was a simple farmer who always valued and admired education his whole life. He really wanted to go to school when he was small, but it could never happen because he was no more than a farmer. Every day I see him he always inspires me all over again with new thoughts, hopes, and dreams. He surely is not educated, but he is the best father and the most responsible husband. He is the one who wants me to grab what he couldn't grasp in his whole life.

In my school days I try to learn and always try to understand as much as possible. I love to learn, and I am a curious student I always want to understand what I am learning about and what I can do better as well. I do not say I do everything perfectly, but I always say, "I can do better every day." I am working now on my speaking skills and trying to involve myself in conversation with my friends a little bit more. I know I am improving my knowledge and doing well in school. My work makes me feel good about myself; I see myself as a good son, a good brother, and a good student.

After I graduate from high school I want to go to Cleveland State University and continue my studies until I get successful in my ambition. I want to be a teacher and I know I can be a great teacher one day. The reason I want to attend college near my home is because I love to visit my home and spent my holidays with my family and friends. Yet, I haven't done any application for the colleges because I am still a junior in high school. I am preparing myself for college because I know college is not going to be easy. One thing I need myself is confidence because I know what hard work is from being an immigrant in this country. I am sure I will make it up to college and succeed after I graduate from high school. Every time, I face my challenges in different ways or in different place and it has done nothing but push me to the next level. It always teaches me new lessons and encourages me to do better to be the best It prepares for bigger tests and bigger responsibilities. It guides me along the path to a successful life because I know it can be hard sometimes. I really want to be a professional teacher because I want to give wisdom and share education with everyone. I don't just want to be a teacher who teaches for money; I want to teach students from other countries to reach for a better future. I will teach the value of education in our modern lives so that my students do not regret its lack when they became old.

If we spend our youth going after money and we lose our money we lose our strength. I want to be a role model for my future students. I will teach them about our practical life. I want to make people realize what they have in this country because there are many countries whose children cannot even go to school for they are so poor and worry for their daily bread. At last, all I want to say is our hardships and our obstacles teach us to live better lives. There are no insurmountable obstacles; they are just another chance to reach our goals.

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