My Story


My Story

Depression and broken promises. The only thing that ran through my mind during my freshman year in 2013. On October 13' 2013 I had the most unexpected news handed to me. My step father and mother finalized their decision on getting a divorce. That day forward I stopped speaking with all family members and my academics just slipped away from me. My step father raised me since I was just 2 years of age and over time he became my father. No one really understands that a girl needs her father just as much as she needs her mom. My biological father was a crackhead, a kidnapper of his own child, me, just to hurt and abuse my mother.

Over the years the man who I called dad became my best friend, protector, and my savior. My dad gave me the love and support he didn't receive as a child so he was more passionate raising me the right way. In high school you need that emotional stability at home in order to stay sane, and my dad was my person. But knowing that my dad was no longer home it had an undoing on my health physically, emotionally, and academically. I did not have any friend at school and the little connection I had with my mom fell apart. School became my least interest, I stopped eating, and became depressed all because my best friend left home.

My dad was my biggest and only supporter I had freshman year. He always reminded me to try my absolute hardest to become great. Even with issues at home it should not affect my academics because one day it will pay off. Having a stable home is a big influence in a teenager's life but my father was always there for me. He told me loosing myself over him not being home is not worth it. That no matter what he will be there to protect me, love me support me, and help me with anything the best that he could. So over time it made me realize that I have no control over what happens at home or during school hours but I do have the power to know if I will sink or swim and I wanted to swim. I made a promise to keep my grades good and to know that things happen but life moves on but sitting and crying about things will not get the job done. Being able to overcome the negativity I became emolled into High Tech Academy student which means I am emolled at Tri-c and I am able to strui my college transcript and gain college credit. I decided as a junior with enough credits to graduate I will be a part of class 2016. I will then take part time classes at Tri -C for a yeru· and in the fall of 2017 attend the University of Cincinnati and be enrolled to their nursing program to fulfill my dream as a Nurse Anesthetist.

Dealing with a separation during my freshman year it made me stronger and more understanding with myself. I made me determined to be successful and help me conquer things more quickly. It also helped me understand that everything isn't easy you can fix it and move on or know that you have no power in the situation so just move on. If anyone and I believe most students have gone through the same thing as I did. Please understand sometimes you have no control over a situation so do not sit and cry about it, move forward and learn from it. Life goes on and there will be thing that make you or break you.

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