My Life Story: The Road to New Beginnings


My Life Story: The Road to New Beginnings

"The problems of "yesterday" should not affect the futures of ''tomorrow." This is something that took me years to figure out, and even today I get so focused on what happened yesterday that I'm not fully able to appreciate the moments of each day. Which is how my story begins. When I was in the second grade, I was placed into special Ed. classes, and back then inost kids were really cruel about being placed alternatively. I went through name calling, feeling stupid, and sometimes even worthless. It didn't help the fact that my family were all drop-outs, and weren't really worried about my schooling. Even though I tried my hardest to succeed in school, I had to repeat the second grade, and I was devastated. I talked my mom into transferring me from a public school to a charter school where I could start fresh, but even there I was placed into special classes because I wasn't up to the level I should have been. This time, though, it was different. The kids there didn't care about what level classes you were in, or if you acted differently, or anything. Everyone was nice there, and I came to peace with my disability as I started to refer to it.

One thing I know for absolute certain though was that if I hadn't had my mother by my side I don't think I would have cared either way. She has been my biggest supporter for years, and I am so grateful to have such an amazing woman as my mother. I remember all the times I would have to stay after school for a tutoring session and she would have to stay up even later than usual in order to pick me up, even though she would have worked a twelve-hour shift the night before and was absolutely exhausted. When someone in the family would belittle my enthusiastic nature whenever I would talk to them about a high score I got in school, she would be the first one at my defense yelling at whoever made me sad. I remember some nights where she would be getting ready for work and I'd sit in the bathroom while she helped me study for spelling tests. All that hard work paid off though in the fourth grade when my mother was called into school one day, and told that they wanted me to skip two grades that year. Of course my mother was excited for me, but she refused to let them, claiming it would be too much pressure on me and she didn't want me to fall behind again.

For a while I held that against her, but eventually I got over it after realizing that I'm already working my butt off to be where I am now, plus I didn't want to lose my friends. Through the years I've realized that my mom is my backbone. Sure, there has been times where she couldn't make it to some ceremony or school meeting and it took me a while to realize that if she could she would. Between working twelve-hour shifts every day and taking care of three kids, I'm just grateful for whatever she can give me, especially when she always makes sure to tell me how proud she is of me. She is the reason I have made it this far. I am now, a strong, independent, hard-working senior at Garrett Morgan high school, I am currently ranked number five within the senior class of 2016. I am dual enrolling through High-Tech Academy at Tri-C with the opportunity to receive college credits as early as the tenth grade. I am part of many organizations at both Tri-C and Garrett Morgan while working part-time at Panera Bread. I have big plans for my future, and I'm almost there. I have been accepted into four universities; Cleveland State, Tiffin, Youngstown, and Akron. Presently, I am planning on finishing my Associates at Cuyahoga Community College in nursing before transferring to CSU to recieve my Bachelors. I also plan on minoring in health-care management and opening my own nursing home for the elderly because I have seen how many places mistreat their patients and I want somewhere better for the elderly to live, no matter how long they have left in their lives. I plan on making their last years the most comfortable, and relaxed as I can.

I believe that we shape ourselves. I don't want to be remembered by something that people would feel sorry for or pity me for. I want be known as the young lady that surpassed her problems to become so much more. I plan on becoming the best nurse there is not only for myself, but because I plan on giving back to people in need. Even saving one person is better than not accomplishing anything. I do not want to be remembered as the girl who failed at something claiming it was too hard. I refuse to give up when my dreams are so close. On days I may not be as positive, all I have to do is think back to those days in elementary school. If anyone really wants something, nothing should stand in their way to achieving their goals and or objectives.

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