Leaving Africa


Leaving Africa

I faced an emotional challenge in my life when I had to leave my hometown and go to the refugee camp. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do. It was not easy living in the refugee camp. I didn't really understand the tough ways my family was living. Then, my dad opened up a store that helped us little bit My parents wanted to move out of the camp, but the camp was the only safe place we could live in even though it was very hard. The camp was the only safe place. In the place where we used to live, a war broke out and we got put in the camp. In the camp, the men did all the work. If it rained the house would get flooded with water because the house was only made out of twigs.

My champions in my life were my parents. They have been through so much to get me to where I am today. If it was mot for my parents, I don't think I would be where I am today. They have been the biggest support on my team. My parents brought me all the way from Africa for a better future. Neither of them had an education because it was hard for them to go to school back home. My father had to stop school at the age of eight because his father passed away. He had to take care of his mother and siblings. Back there women did not work; they would just stay at home and take care of the house work and the kids.

My other champion is my English teacher Ms. Gale. She has been there for me since the first day I walked into her classroom. She tells us that we can all have a great future. She is one of my champions because she never gives up on her students. She gives us tough challenges because she knows that we can do them. We tell her we can't, but she knows we can and she makes us believe in ourselves. My other champions are my siblings. They have been there for me since day one. They encourage me to do my best in school. Whenever I don't understand my homework, my older brother helps me with it. Even if I have problems outside of school, they are always there to listen to me and do whatever they can help me. They give me a shoulder to cry on and they support me on any choice I make.

I have overcome my challenge because I have become a better person and also a better student. I became better because of all struggles I've been through coming from Africa to America. I didn't know how to speak English or write it; now I can text and read books and everything. I was very young when we came here from Africa. Everything was different. We had a very hard time getting use to the things they had here. When my siblings and I started school, it was really hard for us because we were not used to school; it was something we had never experienced. It was a great experience because there are some African kids that would love to go to school here in America and have a better education. Almost before I knew it, I could speak English and I could write it. Even though it was a hard language that we never spoke, it was something amazing. We got to learn a new language and new ideas. Now that I am in high school, there is nothing coming between me and graduating from high school and going to college. I have overcome all my challenges; now the only thing in my way is to pass the OGT. I know I will pass it.

My life after graduation is probably going to change a lot because I am finally going to be an adult and I will be living on my own. I want to be near my parents; I will not move too far away from them. I want to live in my own apartment. I will have my own job. I will start college in the fall or spring of 2017. The top colleges I want to go to are Toledo, Youngstown, or Cleveland State. Before I go to them I will go to Tri-C for my first year then transfer to the college of my choice. I didn't make a choice of which one I want to attend. I have not started applying for any college yet, but I have been to a few college visits. A few of the colleges I have been to were good. I am planning on going on more college visits because I want to make the right choice. Education is so precious; I don't want to make a bad decision regarding it.

Facing my challenges was a tough thing I did, but I have achieved at a lot. I have improved my attitude. I used to get mad over the little things; now I have grown out of that. I have learned how to control my anger; I have learned how to keep trying; I have learned that I am stronger than I thought I was. Now that I know these things, I plan to help others in the future by donating my time and money to help people in refugee camps find a better life.

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