Born a Refugee


Born A Refugee

I was born in a refugee camp. Being born in a refugee camp taught me how strong I am. I never knew how strong I was until being strong was the only choice I had. Those hard times 1 went through built the character I am today. I know what hunger feels like. I've eaten eating twigs just to stay alive. When hunger hits you hard. you will eat anything. Many times our camp got attacked by a group called The Torkon. They attacked our camp. Most importantly, they took away the only place I called home. Many times I thought I would not live or make it far in life. but my problems where my guideline.

My brother is my champion because he was the first to graduate from high school in my family. He pushes me into doing my best and never giving up. He teaches me that nothing can stop me from achieving my goals. He teaches me that in life you face many obstacles, but they are the materials for great accomplishment. My other champions are my teachers. My teachers are my motivators. My teachers are a part of my future. They inspire me into being successful and dreaming big. They taught me that on the road to success comes hardship, but it also comes with detennination and sacrifice.

Starting new was the biggest challenge I had to face. Starting new was the time when I found out who I really am. Starting new no matter how bad it was can never be as bad as the hunger and the fear I faced. It's not the challenges I faced, but what I have overcome. I'm thankful for all of the obstacles I faced in life; they were my strength in continuing my journey. Overcoming my challenges makes my dream and my success meaningful. l have made big progress because once upon a time I had nothing but hope. Now I have the chance to dream big and make my dreams into reality. Without challenges it's impossible to progress. It was my choice to progress, because progression is a choice I made to have a better future.

After high school I want to go to college. I want to go further into my studies. I want to go college after high school because learning doesn't stop here. I want to go to Cleveland State University. I want to become a nurse, I have not yet applied for the college. Hopefully after this year I will. And accomplish my dream of being a nurse.

Facing my challenge changed me in many ways but most importantly it taught me how to stay strong through every obstacle life throws at me. Hunger and suffering made me resilient. It also taught me that I can survive anything. If life didn't challenge me, I would have not changed. Overcoming this obstacle helped me overcome many other obstacles in life. Even though life is an endless obstacle, I never let the obstacles in my life be the excuse for my failure. I make it the reason for my great achievement.

I want to pay it forward to the people that give me life and hope when I lost all of that. I want to inspire people. I want someone to look up to me and say because of what I did for them they didn't give up. I want to give someone the hope someone else once gave to me when I had nothing to look up to. l want go back to Kenya and help those people that have lost their homes. those that can't sleep at night knowing if they will have dinner, and people that live in fear if they will wake up the next day. I myself have learned to give not because I have too much, but because I know the feeling of not having anything. 1 was once in their place; someday l hope to help them reach my place.

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