NewsDepth Inbox: Season 48 - Episode #8

NEWSDEPTH QUESTION OF THE WEEK:  In this week's episode, we learned about a law that bans people from owning pit bulls. We want to know: do you think people should be allowed to own breeds that are considered vicious or should they be banned?

Adam, Ayer Elementary:  I think that the dogs should be allowed but they can be dangerous so we should run them through a month test to test if they are dangerous and here are the reasons why. First, this will help them to inspect them and just like us they all are different too.  Next, this will reduce the amount of people who get hurt from dogs.  Finally, if the dogs don't succeed the test they could be sent to somebody who can help these dogs to be not so dangerous.  To sum it up I think these dogs should be allowed in all places.

Ella, Ella Canavan Elementary:  I think that people shouldn't own violent breeds of dogs. I support this because you can prevent unnecessary injures that shouldn't have been caused. I also think this because by not owning violent dogs you’re not only protecting the family that would have owned the dog your also protecting other animals, kids, and the neighborhood they live in. Finally, you can't predict what there temperament is going to be like so that just makes them 10 times more violent.

Lindsey, Olmsted-Falls Intermediate:  I say yes, everyone should be allowed to have any type of pet.  I think so because dogs are only mean and aggressive if they are abused or if they are trained to be mean or aggressive. It's not fair to ban a whole breed of animal because some are mean, when others are KIND and FRIENDLY! If you did ban a whole breed what would you do with them, just let them out in the wild to find food for themselves?  If you let them out on their own they will still be mean so there is no point!  I think people should only be able to raise animals to be nice.

Josie, Adena Elementary:  I do think that people should be allowed to have breeds that are considered vicious. I think this because in the middle of the night a burglar can break into your house, and the dog will be there to attack the burglar! And you can train your dog to be nice to other people and not hurt them. So the person doesn't get hurt, or possibly killed.

Noah, McCormick Middle School:  I think violent dog breeds should be allowed in some cities or towns because what if you were being robbed or attacked your dog could defend you. Dogs also help blind or disabled people do certain things and if they have a pit bull they will guide them to where they need to be. Then if someone decides to attack a disabled person which shouldn't happen but it does and when it happens the dog will take action and attack the attacker and hopefully someone will see it and call the police on the robber/attacker.

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