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Your Answers: Spooky Short Stories

Now that you know all about R.L. Stine from last week's episode, we felt you were up to the challenge to write your own spooky story.

Here are some stories you sent in that gave us a bit of a fright!


Dear NewsDepth,

Here is my spooky story. It was a dark creepy night. You were on your couch watching a movie when suddenly your doorbell rings. You go check but no one was there, you thought it was just some ding-dong ditchers but then you heard a rustle up stairs. The rustle got louder and louder as you got closer to your closet door. You open the closet door and realize it's just your cat that got trapped in the closet. You resume the movie but realize...if your cat was in the closet, who was at the door?

— Gwendolyn, St. Gabriel

Dear NewsDepth,

In 1827, there was a dog named Max. He loved halloween and loved candy. One day, he was trick or treating. Max saw some decorations at a house. He started walking towards the house. Then all of sudden someone snatched him and turned him into a ghost. Some people call him the ghost of Halloween while other people call him ... the ghost dog! Max the ghost dog was scary, but cute. He did not mean to scare kids he just really wanted a family. Max the ghost dog was very sad, but one day a little ghost girl found him and took him home. They lived, played and collected people’s blood together! Together they lived happily ever after!

— Eleanor, Middlebranch Elementary

Dear NewsDepth,

This is not really a full story, but it is a very short creepy moment, I thought: "I have a superpower where I can hear 1 year into the future, today the noise stopped."

— Chase, Mulberry Elementary

Dear NewsDepth,

Once upon a time there was a boy that went missing in the woods. They never found him, but 10 years later, he was haunting the neighborhood he lived in. He was bad. He also was tickling peoples toes at night and when they woke up their toes were gone forever. It was a nightmare if he came to your house.

— Jackson, Crestview Elementary

Dear NewsDepth,

Once upon a time... i was at McDonalds and asked for chocolate ice cream...and they... GAVE ME VANILLA!!!!!!!!????

— Kamdyn, Green Intermediate

(Ok, that's not exactly a spooky story but I would say that counts as a scary experience!)