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Your Answers: How Can You Help Monarch Butterflies?

Monarch butterflies emerge around mid-August and begin migrating south for the winter. Their migration lasts from September to October. They travel all the way from Canada to central Mexico!

Monarch butterflies need some help for this long journey.

We wanted to know: How can you help migrating monarch butterflies?

Dear NewsDepth,
I can help monarch butterflies by making a workshop for them so they can have things to live off of. First I will collect milkweed for them and leaves also, soil and and more. Then I will take them to the wild, and take the milkweed to the professionals and they will take the fur off. Next I will go out and look for milkweed for the professionals. Finally I will find more monarch butterflies. I will do all these things because I think monarch butterflies are cool and cute!

— Arion, Chardon Hills Elementary

Dear NewsDepth,

Monarch butterflies are endangered. There are lots of reasons why they’re endangered. One reason they’re endangered is because pesticide harms the silkweed that butterflies use to grow. Another way they’re endangered is because of habitat loss. One way we can help is to use less pesticide spray. Another way we could help monarch butterflies is by planting more silkweed. We could also leave open spaces for the butterflies. These are the ways we could help monarch butterflies survive.

Your fans,
Shakthi, Vi, and Thida

— Shakthi, Vi, and Thida, Berea Midpark Middle School

Dear NewsDepth,

I can make a school fundraiser for milkweed and caterpillars so we can hatch them in class and plant milk weed everywhere we can.

— Michael, Jackson Intermediate

Dear NewsDepth,

One way you can help monarch butterflies is not to mess with them. Another way you can help monarch butterflies is not to mess with eggs. The third way to help monarch butterflies is to not pick the milkweed plant and plant more milkweed.
Your friend Lillian.

— Lillian, Botkins Elementary

Dear NewsDepth,

I can help Monarch Butterflies by planting Milkweed. My mom has a big garden, which includes butterfly bushes, and soon, I will put in Milkweed. I want the butterflies to be safe, and not go extinct.

— Coco, Kinsner Elementary