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Your Answers: Innovative ideas for AI

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has been used in a wide range of fields - from healthcare education, finance, retail, entertainment, and more. Now it is becoming more popular with the public with programs like ChatGPT and Midjourney. It can be fun to try out different AI programs, but just remember to be mindful of how it is being used.

When it comes to advancements in technology, AI can really change the game. Do you have any cool ideas for using AI?

Here are some of your answers for: What are your innovative ideas for AI?

Dear NewsDepth,

Artificial intelligence already does amazing things. I would love to see artificial intelligence be able to change my cat litter so my mom does not have to and I would love it if it could also feed my cat and put water in the bowl. That's what I want artificial intelligence to do.

— Avayah, Jefferson Elementary School

Hey NewsDepth, Its Ninerz.

I think a good idea for AI is communicating with loved ones who aren't alive currently. Family or famous people based off quotes and personality. It's a very far off and outgoing idea, but it is fun to imagine.

— Ninerz, Richardson Elementary

Dear NewsDepth,

This is what I think would make lives easier. First, I would make a device that doesn't have to be charged. Next, I would make a machine where you can scan an item that makes the item's price go down. Finally, I would make products called animal products to make animals live longer. In conclusion, these are my innovative ideas for artificial intelligence.

— Rileyh, Chardon Hills Elementary

Dear NewsDepth,

One innovative idea my friend and I made up is the Super-Lanyard. Students often miss class because they struggle with their lockers. With the Super-Lanyard, students can scan a code on their lanyard that will open and organize their locker. Missing assignments? No way! The lanyard will show when an assignment is due. When you are doing your homework, your teacher can upload instructions and hints for the homework. You can use it to order lunch, and our Cafe-Bots will bring them their food, so you can enjoy a stress free lunch period. Our middle school is so big, each grade is split into groups, called pods. The strap will have your pod's color and name on it so teacher will know where to send them if they are lost. Students can also ask their Lanyard questions for subjects and it has a built-in calculator. But the teachers can lock the calculator if they want to make sure the students are doing their own work. You will only need to change the strap to your next pod's color and name because the tag will automatically adjust. With this AI innovation, a student's school life will be much easier.

— Nanthini, Strongsville Middle School

Dear NewsDepth,

Hello, my name is Nolan and I think that Artificial Intelligence could be used for helping the community. I think that you could use it for helping people across the street and planting trees in a park etc. This could also be helpful because it might motivate people to try and work harder and get more involved in helping their community. This could also benefit the fact of littering. The Artificial Intelligence could organize projects and be able to persuade people to get involved with their community.

— Nolan, Garfield Elementary

Dear Newsdepth, My ideas for artificial intelligance would be a robot helper for counceling.

if you were a kid who takes counceling and you were to talk about something but didn't feel comfortable talking about it, there would be a robot who could talk to you and maybe be the size of a stuffed bear. Anyway I think this would be a really special thing for kids who take counceling so they can talk to the robot and the robot talks back! Thank You! Bye!

— Evelyn, Kensington Intermediate School