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Your Answers: Why is a healthy diet important for academic success?

In an effort to make school lunches healthier, new US standards made last month will limit added sugar and sodium in food served to the nearly 30 million children who eat at k-12 schools.

Foods high in sugar and sodium are often low in essential nutrients. And overconsumption of these during childhood can establish unhealthy eating patterns that persist into adulthood.

Tell us: Why is a healthy diet important to be successful in school?

Good food is healthy because you will be sick from unhealthy food. So I prefer carrots, sauerkraut, and broccoli!

— Emmet, Waynesfield Goshen Local School

Dear NewsDepth,
I believe a healthy diet is important to be successful in school because you need to have energy during in/outside school activities, do your work, and take tests. If you don’t have a healthy diet to keep you in shape, it stops you from doing extracurricular activities that can help you in the future. For example, if you want to play soccer but can’t because of your health, it might stop you from playing on a national soccer team.

— De'Nish, Chardon Hills STEM School

Dear NewsDepth,
A healthy diet is important because eating the right food or amount of food helps you learn and pay attention in class. Also, having a healthy diet means that you will be more active in class. Lastly, it will help you succeed to get a good job and get into college by eating healthy. In conclusion, this is why a healthy diet is important.

— Briella, Greenbriar Middle School

Dear NewsDepth,
I think it is important to have a healthy diet at school for lunch is because kids need their fruits and veggies to get their nutrients. If children only get high-cal foods that are unhealthy, they won't get what their body needs.

PS. Gabriel is my favorite NewsDepth person.

— Brooklynn, Erie Intermediate

Dear NewsDepth,
It's important to have a healthy diet so you can be successful in school for many reasons. First of all, healthy diets can make some people more focused. Another reason it's good, is because you will have a better immune system, so you wont get sick as much.

— Emilia, Salem Liberty Elementary