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Your Answers: What do you do to reduce, reuse, and recycle?

Last week we wanted you to tell us how you reduce, reuse, and recycle in your home and community.

How can you do your part to make the world a better place?

Dear NewsDepth,

Sometimes I go around my neighborhood and pick up the trash then I sort the trash and the recycling, and then we take all of the recycling stuff and put it in our recycling bin and all the trash in the trashcan so we can help make our world a better place. Me and my family participate in this activity. it would be really good if you did the same so please try and help our world become a better place.

— Olivia, Tremont Elementary

Dear NewsDepth,

What I do to recycle is I recycle cardboard and paper. When my clothes get short on me I give them to my sibling or my friend, that's what I do to reuse. I use a metal water bottle instead of a plastic one, that's what I do to reduce.

— Aiysha, Gillies Sweet Elementary

Dear NewsDepth,

Every spring, me and my family like to try to recycle as many bottles as we can and we like to turn them into bird feeders or sometimes other things. And say Hi! to News Hound for me!

— Isabel, Lakeside Dragons

Hi NewsDepth!

My family reduces, reuses, and recycles by saving shopping bags or plastic bags! We reuse them by using them for next time we go to a store or something else. I personally use some of the bags for arts and crafts sometimes as a substitute for cardboard. My family also uses them for other things.

— De’Nish, Chardon Hills STEM School

Dear NewsDepth,

What I do to reduce, reuse, and recycle is, every time I finish a can of pop or the milk bottle is empty, I will go and put it in the bin. I love recycling because it helps our environment. Another thing I do is, my family likes to buy reusable straws and bags because even though recycling does help, trying to use less plastic or cans will help even more!

—Julia, Eastwood's Intermediate School