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Your Answers: Write an AI Guidebook for your school

In last week's episode, we asked you to write an AI guidebook for your school.

Here are your answers for how you think AI should, or should not be, used in schools.

Dear NewsDepth,

Students should only sometimes use artificial intelligence. An appropriate way to use AI in education is for checking your work. You shouldn't take AI's work but students could just ask questions like is it clear or is it informative to see if they achieved what they are trying to do. I don't think AI is a good thing in school but sometimes it is good to cite information that they learned from AI to do their work better.

— Ainsley, Harding Middle School

Dear NewsDepth,

Students cannot always use artificial intelligence because they could get answers for a test and cheat. Some appropriate ways to use A.I is to reduce language barriers, teach things more thoroughly, detect suspicious behaviour during examinations to prevent cheating, and A.I can auto grade exams to reduce bias and be more accurate. Students could use quotes or paraphrasing. A.I will be really helpful in education, but it can be used to cheat too. So, we have to make strict rules to limit where A.I can be used.

— Nikunj, Strongsville Middle School

Dear NewsDepth,

Students should treat AI generated content just like any other source in their academic work. They should provide proper attributions and references. However, AI should not be their primary source. This is where critical thinking comes into play."

— Makaylah, Gordon Dewitt Elementary School

Dear NewsDepth,

I think that AI should be used for students as long as its only assisting the student because I could see it easily being used to cheat. For example, you can't just give chat GPT prompts and copy and paste the answer. So I think it should be used correctly as an assistant like it was designed to.

— Jacob, East Woods Intermediate School

Dear Newsdepth,

No, students should not always use artificial intelligence. A good way to use AI is to let it show you more sources that are similar to the ones you already have. Students should copy the link and make a note when they cite AI on school work. In conclusion AI can be used for many things but you should still be safe with it.

—Elisa, Harding Middle School