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Your Answers: How old should you be to be on social media?

It's no secret that the age for kids joining social media has gotten lower in recent years.

We wanted to know: How old should you be to be on social media?

Dear NewsDepth,

I think you should be at least 10 years old to be able to be on social media. One reason I think this is because by the age of 10, you could most likely get into a sport of some sort or a program so you're never always just on your phone.

— Jeremiah, Euclid Middle School

Dear NewsDepth,

In my opinion, kids should be around the age of 11-14 to have social media because by that age they would know the dangers of social media, also say hi to Newshound for me!

— Luis, Adena Elementary

zzzZZZ (Sorry, NewsHound is sleeping! I'll tell him you said "Hi" when he wakes up. He needs his beauty sleep!)

Dear NewsDepth,

I think that someone should be at least 13 years old to be on social media. I think this because it is unsafe for kids at really young ages to be on social media and to be staring at screens all day. some kids get addicted and won't even set their phone down to use the bathroom and it can cause headaches and cause your eyesight to become weak.

— Anna, Harding Middle School

Dear NewsDepth,

I do not think that social media is safe for kids under 15 because I did research and found that it is super addicting. Also, I found that kids suffer from cyberbullying that leads to depression. Lastly, this is why I think that social media should be for ages 15+.

P.S. Give News hound belly rubs.

— Carson, East Woods Intermediate

NewsHound is loving all the love!

Dear Newsdepth,

I think that kids should be ten to be on some social media platforms like YouTube and Snapchat. I don't think they should be on any other ones because they are too young and the other platforms aren't as safe as YouTube. Why I also think ten is because that seems like that age where kids should be trusted online.

—Parker, Harding Middle School