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Your Answers: What would winter look like on your favorite planet?

Do you have a favorite planet? Ever wonder what different seasons would look like on that planet? In last week's episode, we wanted to know what you thought.

Here are some of your answers for what winter would look like on different planets!

Dear NewsDepth,

Dear Newsdepth, on Mars I think it would be several feet of snow that is a cube shape because Mars goes in the negatives so due to the way the ice crystals form when carbon dioxide freezes it could get really tall.

— Aiden, Cheshire Elementary

Dear NewsDepth,

I think winter would look like ice on Mars because Mars is dark red and a little gray that's why I think it would look like ice

Say hi to News Hound for me

— Sa’Miyah, Saint Gabe’s Consolidated

News Hound says *hi friend!
*translated from dog

Dear NewsDepth,

My favorite planet is Saturn! I think winter would be very cold and Saturn would get icy. It does rain on Saturn so there might be snow because of it being so cold there! It sounds like it could hail there because of the rain, it rains diamonds there! Saturn also has a freezing temperature of -285*F so it is very cold there and it's 900 million miles away from the sun!

— Gianna, Memorial Elementary

Dear NewsDepth,

My favorite planet is the blue one- Neptune! If winter happened there I would imagine there is a lot of snow there. It is one of the furthest planets away from the Sun which makes it extremely cold. The cold would create a lot of snow and ice. I think it would be gorgeous. Blankets of shimmery, white snow laid across the beautiful, blue land. If people lived there it would be filled with people hanging out, having a great time! I would think that it would look even prettier than Earth's snow. All in all, if winter happened on Neptune, it would look lovely!"

— Dede, Strongsville Middle School

Dear Newsdepth,

Instead of snow, it would be cookie crumbs. And my neighbors would be Sesame Street characters. The whole planet would be about Sesame Street. And that is what my planet would look like.

—Alyvia, Lincolnview Elementary

I want to go there! Do you have a name for your planet?