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NewsDepth 2022-2023 | Episode 28

Movie and TV writers have gone on strike. U of A is simulating life outside earth.

In this week’s episode, movie and TV writers have gone on strike.

Simulating life outside earth is the new frontier.

Margaret overviews the Space Race and Apollo 11 mission.

And we visit a family-run model train museum.

Picket (verb): A strike tactic in which workers stand outside their workplace with signs, to bring attention to their issues.

Simulated (adjective): Something that is pretend. In this caste, a training exercise imitating the conditions of the job and environment.

Code (noun): A set of instructions or system of rules, written in a programming language.

First Generation (adjective): Someone who is the first in their family lineage to earn something.

A mission to the moon just wrapped up near Tucson, Arizona! It's a simulated mission at the University of Arizona's biosphere two.

We want you to simulate life on the moon, and tell us what it’s like.

Jump over to our inbox form to tell us how you picture life in space. And remember you can also send us a drawing with your description, i would love to see some artwork.

You can use the inbox form to submit your answers.

The Writers Guild of America is a labor union that represents writers in the motion picture, broadcast, and new media industries. More than 11,000 of its members have gone on strike calling for better pay.

The WGA says that streaming and on-demand services increased the volume of work, without increasing wages.

So that made us curious, how do you usually watch tv?

You can choose between, you watch tv: live, on streaming apps, through social media, on the internet (for example if you go to ideastream.org to watch this show every week.) Or you can also choose, I don’t really watch TV.

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Natalia Garcia is a digital producer for the education team at Ideastream Public Media.